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This is a great site. Reserve your page id now, they will send you an email confirming your page name and then follow-up with and invite login Key/ email.  it does take some time for the site to gt back to you but I waited three weeks, but it’s worth it.

Does Obama need a Lewinsky… well sorta, you know what I mean

ok, how many people outside the beltway knew that the Clinton administration had balance the budget, along with a surplus dowry for the next President? Why so few knew, was because of Ken Starr’s obsession Bill’s devil in a blue dress. Oh and Whitewater. If He had a distraction, other than March Madness and fantasy football.

I know,,, I slammed him on his date nights. If he had just kept them with
in the boundaries of our immediate continent I know, voiced
my disdain via a tweet that his vacations\ were bogus attempts to help
their kids feel normal. I say send them to an over crowded, under funded
public school.

So what does that leave on the list of adult things to do? GO shopping for
a pussycat, Take up Cigar collecting, oh wait he might already have a few
of those from Resko. Just do something the GOP can rip, spin and spew
for days on end, and before you know it, it will be Christmas and everyone’s
nice during the Holidays.

Tweets that didn’t FLY… due to electronic wing-span clipped via loss of bandwidth

an over thought title for a list of tweets I posted Today.

okay HP settles Sexual Harassment claim. while he leaves
w/ his pockets lined with Ben Franklins, Now-month later,
a whale of a deal! Oracle?
1 minute ago via TwitBird

Oracle announced that Mark Hurd would become the software
company’s co-president and also join its board of directors.
10 minutes ago via TwitBird

The First “blah blah blah, USAG” didn’t read the SB 1070
about 2 hours ago via NetworkedBlogs

Orlando trying sell the Orena at a 10 million loss?
about 4 hours ago via TwitBird

7.1 magnitude earthquake Christ Church, NewZealand
about 5 hours ago via TwitBird

make this phase worthless, why does it matter that
your “first African American to hold position” I’d like
u to be 1st to do your Job right
about 5 hours ago via web

If Eric Holder (USAG isnt he? hasn’t read the Az law…
about 5 hours ago via TwitBird

public service appointments via election, should not receive
pension based on there tenure, not on the wage/position
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

i.e. orange cty mayor leave office due to term limit(s),
Yet he can return to another Gov post/job and still receive
full pension…
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

place pension limits on severance packs and limit tenure
time payout limits on when Gov. official who retire, but return
to another Gov job.
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

who wants to tel PrzObama t Tax Credits don’t add up to reform
or revitalization of any kind.
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

POTUS scolds CEO’s for holding onto Benjamin, Andrew,
George and Lincoln. I wonder what PrzBHO comprehension
level of simple math
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

drops of Jupiter…
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

@briefingroom I guess I need inferred goggles, I’ll hang them
next my beer goggles
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to briefingroom

@orlandosentinel how about the old O-rena Bldg. Make
it a giant mausoleum city leaders hope $100 million in updates,
Sell it at $90 million
about 7 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to orlandosentinel 

@flyosity I’d send it back and take the day off!
about 8 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to flyosity

Oops I got little snarky on @ChrisCuomo, but I saw the letters
“CNN” and lost it. Happy labor day Chris

@ChrisCuomo also remember CNN /HLN continues to employ
Nancy Grace. Now she’s an unemployment statistic I can live with!
about 8 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to ChrisCuomo

@ChrisCuomo Dem’s are never going face the music,
unless it’s s concert fundraiser for some 3rd world country hit
by mother-natures wrath.

@adamslisa go figure, maybe a road trip to PA they’re
hard wrkrs
about 8 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to adamslisa

“Hell hath no fury than a graphic designer scorned! – finnperkins 6.07.2009

I read Hal the TV Guy daily. I usually comment on the topic or at least I try.  I usually spend most of my replies replying to comments directed to me.  The comments addressed to me are usually they are off topic and personal attacks.

This is what Hal’s Post said-
[(ˌ)sək-ˈsiŋ(k)t, sə-ˈsiŋ(k)t\] Casey Anthony: Jose Baez casting new doubts on meter reader– Can you believe the meter reader who found Caylee Anthony’s remains? -Baez seeks Kronk’s phone records to explore the cited inconsistencies. -What does the new motion mean? -WESH also looked at whether Zenaida Gonzalez’s defamation suit against Anthony might be delayed. Anthony’s defense team wants the civil suit postponed until after the murder trial. -Hornsby added that depositions in the defamation case are creating inconsistencies that make the prosecution’s case more difficult. -The two reports this evening underscore that WESH is the local TV station most determined to keep the Anthony case in the mix of daily stories. posted by halboedeker on Jun 5, 2009 6:24:52 PM

So when I returned from the week-end G’Days fun, I replied-


this is my response to hal- (notice it was on topic).

“Hornsby added that depositions in the defamation case are creating inconsistencies that make the prosecution’s case more difficult.” the state can thank John Morgan for that.

Posted by: finnperkins | June 05, 2009 at 08:35 PM

“The two reports this evening underscore that WESH is the local TV station most determined to keep the Anthony case in the mix of daily stories.” add WESH to the thanks but no thanks list…

Posted by: finnperkins | June 05, 2009 at 08:38 PM

The following are responses to my comments, from other readers- [the 2 captions above].

Pxxxxxxxx! hahahaha…. WONDERFUL, Delightful to read!
finn….for once i could understand your garble. But I guess most of it WAS quoted.
Posted by:LFxxxx | June 05, 2009 at 09:03 PM

To LFxxxx –responding to your comment- “finn….for once i could understand your garble. But I guess most of it WAS quoted. “ [oops sorry, did I just use a quote?] So, offering a quote to make a point is not allowed… Has anyone told everybody else yet… Orlando Sentinel, WFTV, HLN, CNN, Nancy Grace, WESH, WKMG, Hal Boedeker… a do I need to keep going? p.s. – I am sending this from, y laptop at my home, as I did not get the time to pick up those FREE tickets (maybe next week)…  It seems I did meet up with few cool, easy on the eyes, tourist (3), whom appreciated my knowledge of the Lake Buena Vista.  The expo was fabulous; the House of Blues was sooo fun.  I did not get home until 10 am, and the rain stayed away this morning, So I drop the top, blasted the music… all the home.   😉



Only a (excuse my French–which I’m sure finn will be more than happy to correct) dumbass would say something like that about John Morgan. I’m glad Zenaida has someone with cajones in her corner to take on Bozo…and his band of merry widows. Posted by: TLS | June 05, 2009 at 09:13 PM

To TXX Responding to – Posted by: TXX | June 05, 2009 at 09:13 PM No French correction needed, but  the isn’t it “cojones”… 😉



you know finn you make me sick Posted by: lxxx4cxxxxx | June 05, 2009 at 11:16 PM

To lxxx4cxxxxx, Responding to – Posted by: love4caylee | June 05, 2009 at 11:16 PM     “you know finn you make me sick “ May  I suggest, turning of your computer, and grabbing your keys, and head to your nearest pharmacy. They have what you need, otherwise the feeling of sickness on your part maybe due to an 1280×1024 dpi overload of your monitor. 😉




finnperkins | June 05, 2009 at 10:38 PM For someone that thinks they are so much more intelligent than the rest of us, it’s funny you couldn’t even pick up on the fact that pollywood was being facetious (and quite funny I must say) in her post you attempted to decimate as only you know how.

To TXX- Responding to – Posted by: TXX | June 06, 2009 at 11:02 PM I think I recognized that fact, that is why I relied the way I did. I really did not need you to define pollywood’s comment, as facetieux, [kick me if you must], “”An ability to recognize patterns instantly and unconsciously has proved a fundamental weapon in the cognitive arsenal of human beings.”  Alastair Clarke said he added that “that humor occurs when the brain recognizes a pattern that surprises it, “  as he expanded on his theory of how and why any individual finds anything funny. 😉

Hahaha, Cindy FinnPerkins Anthony!! John Morgan has helped prosecutors in so many ways I can’t even count them all, lololol. And how about the lies pouring out of George & Cindy’s mouths to law enforcement? The FBI doesn’t take kindly to being lied too, look at Martha Stewart, she went to PRISON for lying to the FBI, conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice in a fraud case not a brutally murdered child case. After Casey’s trial or even sooner, G & C will be on trial too. And they’ll probably be tried as accomplices after the fact in addition to everything else. Those will be fun trials to watch! Buh bye G & C, couldn’t happen to more pathetic disgusting people. Posted by: bluebird | June 07, 2009 at 04:34 PM

To bxxxxxx Responding to – Posted by: bxxxxxx | June 07, 2009 at 04:34 PM ……..“Cindy FinnPerkins Anthony!! “ I was wondering, are you referring to me as Cindy  Anthony, because you know this as fact, was it a typographical error/user error or are you just jumping on the “I disdain Casey Anthony Hate Wagon”.   😉

pollywoodpicThe Bird is Back… Geez…   Okay… Although I am frightened by Distain’s post of the “Night Fright”… I thought… Oh Hell-o… no I am not afraid… “I am Woman Hear Me Roar”… LOL … So, I jumped out of my comfy bed went to my PC… err MAC … opened all the windows as there is a nice cool June breeze …. in the interim…. I checked my frequent flyer miles and I realized I had enough to purchase a ticket to Korea… and thought this bird on Hal’s post needs a free flight home…. so, I printed the ticket and walked over to my bedside table by the open window and laid the ticket down… I then went down to the kitchen for some fresh bread crumbs and found I had some left over sushi from dinner …. I then positioned just one sushi on a small plate with some wasabi on the table by the ticket and hopefully the diseased bird will come fly by for a treat and see Wowzie!!! a treat and a free flight back to Korea…. then after nibbling on the last speck of rice she would pick up my ticket fly out the window…. and take advantage of the free flight back to Korea…. Hooray!!! …. But, if I awake and should the bird decide not to take advantage …. well, I guess I will have to be burden with the bickering and tweets of the ugly bird who is thankful (maybe not, just took advantage of) to our great USA for giving her the opportunity which gives her the right to totally trash our justice system and/or “try” to influence us to “her” interpretation of “OUR” Constitution”…. and I am sure this bird has generously been provided with financial means to support “her” freedom to express “her” free speech in our wonderful USA that she could not in “HER” KOREA …. UGH!!! People like that totally make me vomit… I pray when I wake the ticket is gone and we never hear from this bird again …. Bye, Bye, Black Bird… and hopefully we will be singing Bye, Bye, Casey and your Black Heart…. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!! Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxxx | June 07, 2009 at 03:18 AM

To RxxxFxxxPxxxx Responding to comment – -The Bird is Back… Geez…” “Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxxx | June 07, 2009 at 03:18 AM – I am sending this from, y laptop at my home, as I did not get the time to pick up those FREE tickets (maybe next week)… It seems I did meet up with few cool, easy on the eyes, tourist (3), whom appreciated my knowledge of the Lake Buena Vista. The expo was fabulous; the House of Blues was sooo fun. I did not get home until 10 am, and the rain stayed away this morning, So I drop the top, blasted the music… all the home. Posted by: finnperkins | June 07, 2009 at 11:23 PM


See who’s cashing in – on the Casey Anthony case. Hint, it’s not the Anthony’s

I have come a crossed many blog sites that are dedicated to the Anthony case.  Most are using “justice for Caylee as there reason for such intense coverage, information, and links.  Many bloggers who have all but stopped their life to blog, post and follow the Casey Anthony case.

I found a total of – Total 4,285,000.00 sites/posts on the Anthony case

This two are for sale

“caseagainstcasey . com” which is own by someone in Bellevue, WA 98007 US

“CAYLEEANTHONY . COM” owned by eLawfirms Inc. Legal Counsel

A Typical blog – move to “”

[their email is] one of the advertisers on the site is

Twitter has one has not been taken down, they claim they do not approve of phantom ids, unless they indicate they are parody

i.e.- caseyanthony / casey anthonybaby killer

90 followers · from Orlando Jail · updated 5:34 PM Apr 13th

Some valid ones are – they are media id’s ( I use the word valid loosely).

Orlando Sentinel twitter id OSCaseyAnthony

WFTV 9 twitter id CaseyAnthonyCh9

FOXnetwork , CNN, HLN

REPOST ~ In reference to the local media obsession with “shock n Awe” style reporting – I say “Res ipsa loquitur” another words, please avoid pandering to lurid curiosity…….

I figured out why I did not remember WKMG, in my youth was known as WDBO.
The fact those, the station change call sign to WKMG in honor of longtimeWashington Post publisher, Katharine M. Graham.

Why, I will get to that later…

With that, out of the way the reason for this post is to address my on going disagreement with how the media covers local news issues.

When does a story become News?  Why one story is covered, more than another is. Do commercial and recruitment advertising revenue trump our communities?

The right to know the whole truth, whether the person whom the story is about fits the criteria the media outlets want populated on their websites. Do website revenues mean more to editors and publishers, than mental, physical, or social wellbeing of community, when they claim to be looking out for us, or are they really looking out for Number 1?  As in ranking  no. 1. I have written more in the past six months, than I did although grade school.  I think if I am to learn anything from the news programs, is that the local stations ratings hungry as their big brother affiliates.

The media, while covering the recent suicides/homicide by two central Florida residents chose to air the security video footage. The airing of the video may not fall under any legislative law,but in a cynical  attempt to increase ratings, it places them on a slippery slope. The story posted on the TV stations respective websites and in they’re evening broadcast stated what happen, “Res ipsa loquitur”, Adding the video footage was not unnecessary.

So when 26-year-old Jason Kevin McCarthy, was found Monday at the same shooting and practice range in Casselberry, FL., with a gunshot wound to the head.At the time of the story was first aired, the video footage was not released by FDLE. The TV station that originally broke the story, offered, that they would update the website, if the video footage made, would be available.  I found this paragraph, in which it addressed the ever-increasing disregard for the victims, their families.

I refer to this – “The privilege of broadcasting carries with it a fiduciary duty (an assumption of trust), and a mandate to act in the public interest. Broadcasters,then, are subject to the same or more stringent limits as private citizens —there is no “extra” protection afforded them. The law on intentional infliction of emotional distress, while vague,involves behavior so outrageous that it “shocks the conscience” therefore does not have a place in a “civilized society.”

Standards have also been created that address “depraved indifference”towards a victim or the “reckless disregard” of another’s well-being.”

[1] Another example is the latest attempt of “on air” trump game, I titled, -“One friend sent the email, the friend who received the email, Subsequently threw the sender of the email under the preverbal bus.WFTV-Channel 9, reported in its noon news on Tuesday that OrlandoMight have its first case of swine flu. The swine-flu information came in an e-mail from Florida Hospital’s chief medical officer,who was addressing another flu strain, when content of Dr. Lauran Hauck’semail taken out of context, posted on twitter.
WFTV’s news director Bob Jordan, posted-“UPDATE: Orlando Swine flu patient is Mexican tourist who visitedWalt Disney World.”

– – And meanwhile, back at the South Street ranch (WFTV Offices),WFTV reporter Kathi Belich said.The patient: a tourist from Mexico who was visiting Disney. “as if repeating misconstrued information again, would make the Story come true. While it took over eight hours for WFTV to update their story on the web, it took only half that time for the competition to offer blame, even though for they themselves followed the twit, twittering into the Internet abyss. and As of this writing, the search found 6, 190 links, sending people to websitesall over the globe.

“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic”.

[2] May I ask, will TV News stations adhere to the principle of limitation means that some weight needs to be given to the negative consequences of full disclosure?  To recognize that gathering and reporting of the news may cause harm or discomfort,to avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.  In the pursuit of news story is not a license for arrogance.  Katharine M. Graham, daughter of Eugene Meyer, owner of record1933 of  The Washington Post Company.  WKMG owned and operated by Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc a subsidiary of the WashingtonPost Company.  By honoring Ms. Graham, they also have the duty to uphold the honors that were bestowed her, including but not limited to the “Elijah Parish Lovejoy” award.

The award represented  Mr. Lovejoy’s dual commitment to both freedom and freedom of the press,his supported the freeing and emancipation of slaves. During his career as a journalist and owner of the Alton Observer,his well known protest against the hanging of a free African-American man,whom at the who was jailed in suspicion of murder.  Based on the judge’sinstructivons to the Grand jury, no legal action was taken. At the time of his death, by murder, Mr. Lovejoy had been shot at, chased, and his press was set a fire.  Lovejoy considered a martyr, by the abolition movement.

The Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award,given annually by Colby College,Lovejoy’s alma mater honors a member of the newspaper profession who has contributed to the nation’s journalistic achievement…. I do not think Ms. Graham, or Mr. Loyjoy would approve of the format local TV stations have adopted, least of all that of WKMG.
[1] Preston Coleman, PhD

[2] Aikens v. Wisconsin, 195 U.S. 194, 205, 206.

[3] orig. WFTV 19311020 story Id.

[4] Society of Professional Journalists, SPJ Code of Ethics

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