Amusing! ROFLMAO, again. seems a blogger, knowing I am…

ROFLMAO, again. seems a blogger on Hal TV blog thinks I am Atty. Linda K Baden. because I was away from blog the day after she was on tv.

see copy of post below is one fo a few posting asking….


Hxxxxx… Do you think that maybe Finn might be Linda Kenney-Baden?? I was thinking because i read somewhere where she rescued or adopted a cat/dog i can’t remember which somewhere up in New England and isn’t that where she and Dr. Baden live? I have to check that out… What are your thoughts?


If your guliable enough to believe this, you’ll probably believe them, when they also implied I was Casey’s mystery chick / bff.

ya right, like i met her in waiting area at 33rd ..I’m sure there’s a video… 😉 lol.

 if u believe this, u need to get a life.   🙂

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