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my BMW 325is, 2,100 USD still my favorite


my BMW 325is,  2,100 USD still my favorite date on a friday, still my favorite ride to work, when I do leave the house.. and my favorite gas sipping, no double dipping automobile.


it’s seems in order to maintain a consistant and viable existance in Orlando, one must have a vehicle. the make and model are moot at this point, meaning three weeks into, ” I’m going to use the Lynx bus and be eco-pro”, I am not over it !and I am throwing my pass under the bus, if there room left, after this past election year everyone who has said an unkind word about Senator Obama is under the Left wheel and anything said in passing, but loud enough for Senator McCain to hear, is under the right wheel. As far as Palin and Biden well there seems to be some non-supports hanging on to the muffler.the GAS MILEAGE on my 325is is 38 mpg hi-way and 27 city.
ALSO HAVE BRAND NEW CLUTCH..bought just for progressive measure, meaning no clutch no progress.. 
My little car that went as far as it could in 2nd, is now getting the tune up of it young life. should be back in my driveway by thrusday.…watch out Danica Patrick I’ll be back on the streets by Halloween. scarey

Sen. Webb: says accepting Gov. Palin, would be a big leap of faith…

hum, Sen. Webb thinks Sen. Obama is a sure thing.. ok, 3 months in to obtaining his US senate seat, he anounces his run for president. ….

[I say, ya…right..that equates to anyone who’s has a JD, a background in neighborhood organization, and their name added to various bills you never read while in the state senate..and of course 3mos in the US senate…surely make YOU a sure thing bet for President of the United States of America. I Like to see the odds on this statement in Las Vegas]

So what now, who wants to measure how high we have to leap… I’ll provide the 60ft Stanley carpenter tape. oh Yes before you jump on my words please keep in MIND that Sen. Obama is running for President, no VP…..  not only is the house bigger,  but I think the executive responsibilities are bigger.

Refresher – Gov. Palin is running for VP, and remember, she was picked, and she accepted, it’s not like she woke up one day and said oh, I’ve been Governor for 3 months, I think I’ll run for President of the United States of America.

Don’t be blinded by history in the making, .. try and remember history, and know that learning on the job got us here in this very spot, from a so called sure thing candidate, GW Bush..

They say it’s the GOP’s fault for the financial industry mess, not.. if you took note at all tonight the two F & I guys are meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the entire house. the speaker of the house is a Democratic.. Need I say more.

Last but not the least, Rachel Maddow, please stop wasting your Rhodes education on TV and start backing up your theries… run for office and then we’ll see who is confused, who uses a teleprompter, etc.

I am a fan of your page, and of Air America, but I am not a fan of gerrymandering and anything that offers only one side to a story, when a story becomes one based on a 3 dimensional situation.

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“he Know” is english your second language?… Roland Matrin, go back to school.. take

take the a phonics course please before punching for work tomorrow. forget about sex…education…, proper pronunciations should be your primary concern.

“onychophorans” will now be the new mascot for the Democratic Party for the remainder of the 2008 (just ask the donkey)

Is it me, or is it every time Senator Obama rhetoric always filled
with how America is in such bad shape may I remind him that
the last two years, the Democrats had the congressional majority.
Hence the reason we have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) at the opening of the 110th Congress.

Even with the low popularity ratings, (who needs rating, they
are only place by pollsters who are alot like lobbist..only for TV networks). Bush was still blamed for all the short coming of Congress.

Why don’t we blame it on the fact that amount of Senators
that allowed the Democrats to have the majority,

Why don’t we blame it on the fact that amount of Senators
that allowed the Democrats to have the majority,
ended up running for president, therefore leaving a lame duck session.

Just my observation…
looks like another writer feels the same.

Bush boxed in his congressional foes
Democrats took the Hill but were stymied by a steadfast president.
By Janet Hook |Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
From the Los Angeles Times December 21, 2007

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SHAME on YOU! (again) Sen. Obama, (And I am saying it this time).

– – not Se. Hillary Clinton).

whens the last time a baby was torn from their mother during an immigration process? Sen. Obama is using scare tactic speeches.

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three Senators and a Lady…

Looks like the only one not whinning is the Gov. Palin’s baby.

Tired of the Cable News outlets whinning…

Obama is on a teleprompter, GO Lou Dobbs, Seems that CNN is trying to paint the republicans into a dahli psycho drama… seems that none of the past outing  with Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden  have teleprompter.

hey Candi, Crowley… news flash… the press is whinning.

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If I were president . .

18 months of speeches, words that place in clever formation to disguised
as new idea and answers to our day to day benefit.

Ok,  If I were to be elected president,

I would on reduce the length of time that the candidates run
for both the primary race and the general election.

I would place more regulatory factors on the press coverage, not what they way, but when it is said.

I would place more regulatory factors on Advertising from any form of service /assistance
to the public unless they offer a corporate telephone number. the dot com CSR process is dead.

i would reduce the insurance pool for health carriers for Medicare, the carrier must offer coverage for dental, eys and medical supplies. also no more co-pay for Medicare recipients, as this is just free cash to doctor offices, and they only perpetuate this problem by placing this amount of money in o collections which adds to the total debt to an individual.

to be continued……

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words mis-spoken, are not just for the candidate, check out the Cable news anchors…

As I watch the arm chair quarterbacking of the Presidential forum on service I found that Brett Hume
changed Gov. Palin’s Title to Senator, not sure is is a lateral promotion or the lessor of the two other choices.

next on Hannity and Colmes, their field reporter ash if the young men before her, [whom also were
in the company of some young woman], ask if they would go to the front lines to serve
their country… I found the exclusion of the woman was quite sexiest.

and for Charlie Gibson not to recognize the quote of a previous presidents, Lincoln and Roosevelt..
“pray for our men and woman” and “pray for our leaders” “pray that it is gods plan”

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Barack “uh”-oBama

Barack Obama “Uh” Count

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