To all our Veteran “Patiently bore Our Nations causes on there shoulders…. This ones for you.”

Veterans day 2009

To all our Veterans – Upright and just in a soldiers way, loyal and true through all your days. Silently suffered, patiently bore Our nations causes on there shoulders…. This day is yours.

….where’s my change? and Stick n Stones, may break me… bla bla bla

I really do not feel that Sen Obama actually listens…  I am all for change, I am all for anything that alleviates any hardship on anyone feeling the day to day crunch on the lunch money for the kids, the fact that some people are few quarters shy of the cost of a full fare bus ticket, I am really up to my eye lids in reading about what is right what is wrong.

If Sen. Obama has to keep stating his stance on his level of patriotism, it is less that we read about his triage plan for the economy, healthcare and the overall state of the nation, I realize that Jan 20, is far enough away that we even have time to make a short (an I do mean short), Christmas list, card included due to rise in postage, anyway, my point is get on with what you’ve been preaching, CHANGE.

I want to see less replies to the opposition and a more positive reclaims of what our day to day challenges are forcing our as to address.

Tell me who you plan on asking to be your running mate, sorry I can’t married my vote to a guy (really gal, that’s for another post), who can’t even tell me who the other half of my vote is for. Tell me what you want for healthcare, yes I know it’s on the WWW, but I want to hear it, from him, not from the webby who posted it after many edits.

last, get over yourself on the patriotism stuff, show me via your actions and I’ll get pas the “no hand over Heart” utube video, I am sure that goes for the other 18 million who voted for Sen. Clinton.

As far as Gen. W. Clarke, He was only stating the obvious, I do not imho, that he as discounting Sen. McCain service, but Sen, McCain is using the Fact that he SERVICED his country and also the POW factor as his AA degree (for lack of a better group of words I call it that), in GI service, places him in better disposition for the position of Comm. and Chief.

If anything, the experience has left him with a chip on his shoulder in place of the uniform applets. i.e.; I drive really fast in my bimmer, but I am not about to say I am ready to take on Danica Patrick (well maybe via my video indy500-sega).

Bottonline… Sen. Obama, and also Sen. McCain, I’d like change, I like Change when I place two twentys for gas at the loval filling station, and I used to get back a five…. Now I place three twenties and get 47 cents back – I did my part, traded my rover for the bimmer, no room for the snowboard, but who’s got money for Vermont this year?


p.s. I post my list for VP choices on my site (wordpress hosted).

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