Leave the fairy dust at the door, DeVos and Madoff physically two different men, but ethically one in the same

…find out what they have in common ,why one of Amway lifelines companies,


Quixtar  was investigated reveals the methodology, manner and global scope of the fraud. It also details long term, intentional, systematic violations of FTC regulations. The FBI, the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS and foreign governments and/or counter cult organizations are all utilizing this book as a resource.

it’s trick or treat time and the residents of Orlando wont be happy when they answer their doors to find the trick is on them…

Read what you want, take in what you will from these links. the internet is a great tool, if used the right way the information can help you make a choice that fits you, your family…your life

I am posting these links, I’ll let the insiders tell you what they know.

I am only responsible for leading you to the link(s)

You can lead a horse to water, but you can make them drink it NewsMeat.com WE YOU THE NEWS,  AND SPARE YOU OUR OPINION  Political Contributions by Richard DeVos Sr.

Family ties – Dick DeVos Jr Amway’s Parent Company is Alticor.com

Nutshell hypocrisy: you want my money, I can’t have my rights….hum DeVos your a twit

An overview of DeVos’ political activism in the past reveals an anti-gay agenda. DeVos notoriously gave $100,000 to a group called “Florida For Marriage” in 2008 which helped them to pass Amendment 2 – the anti-gay “definition of marriage” bill in Florida which prevents LGBT persons from even obtaining a civil union. Virtually all of his hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds have gone to conservative Republicans in the past.

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