Gray Matters: Thoughts Inspired by Casey Anthony – Op-Ed By: Cathy DeBouno

Tue, 2012-01-31 15:01
Gray Matters: Thoughts Inspired by Casey Anthony – Op-Ed Part I
By: Cathy DeBuono MFT

This is one of the most objective op-ed’ I’ve read on this case.


A repaired fountain, A new arena, re-brick streets (..3rd times a charm, not), and underfunded grade schools

the city of orlando is not the city that offered small roadside fruit stands, simple flea markets and a road leading to the magic kingdom. When did the city lose sight of the endearing qualities that lead Walt Disney to it’s door.

did the city make a deal with the devil or the mouse… just thinking out loud again

to the guy who broke out his ill charades skills to get out of paying toll fee

Ok… If you drive to work and back home at a minimum of 32 weeks a year,
using the same toll road,
why do you think sitting for what amounted to the length of a 5/3 bank radio commercial…
That the toll light will turn green just because it knows you don’t have enough change in the cup holder of your over priced Toyota, oh I ment Lexus, your impairment goes far beyond your inability to comprehend that your Lexyota is a mass of metal on wheels that will always tigger the “I got a picture of your car tag” buzzer.
The solution to your problem lies within the confines of your brain.
So if, or when you find your cerebellum, hopefully in this lifetime…this planet, this time zone.. Preferably this very moment…for love the of god, place the remaining 12 cents in the bin or place your foot on the accelerator now!

FYI – The cerebellum differs from most other parts of the brain (especially the cerebral cortex) in that the signal processing is almost entirely feedforward—that is, signals move unidirectionally through the system from input to output, with very little recurrent internal transmission.

CASEY Anthony dials 911 , protesters attack father in front of their home. [posted in New York Observer] the media has gone nuts again.

Nancy Grace again is the most visible driving force. Does she have short
term memory or what.. does Melinda Duckett name mean anythin to her?
Ms. Grace has single handedly brings to the airwaves a blatant disregard
to our US justice system.

She’s has gone too far on both these cases. Both happen here in central Florida,
and both are dealing with a young child, whose mother is single, young
and attractive, and also estranged from the father of the child.
Seems like the authorities might want to compare incidents. The car issues were
the same, both abandon, etc. both show the mother partying, and then major
tabloid style [yellow journalism] media injustice. When will it stop, when Casey
takes a gun to her head too?…I sure hope not.

Godspeed to the Anthony family..

I sure hope not.

Godspeed to the Anthony family..

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