redefining the ” R ” word

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Monday, October 27, 2008

redefining the ” R ” word
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News and Politics

is a social movement that aims to make gradual change,
or change in certain aspects of society rather than rapid or fundamental changes.

Redistribution of wealth
Some methods for this are: welfare, nationalization, slavery, taxation, socialism, inflation, devaluation, government policies


being of Architecturally sound mind…

Do we really need a phone in the master bathroom?

DO we really need Hummer/Humvee to be in 24 crayola colors?

Is it really necessary to have 10 automotive manufactures producing
the same body/chasis. Placing the the du jour Label of the day
on each.

Can we really manage, managing with out all the debt management companies,
you know the ones that are now in the multi-layered, multi-dollar producing
companies, that flurish while thier clients are linding the walls of their
local district bankruptcy offices.

Is it really a need, for all of us to be able to watch tv, use the phone
and listen to music all on one micro device, that is so small, that other
companies are make items for this micro item the set in so that there
features on the micro item can be enlarged.

I can go on, or is these enough examples to inform you that the state
of the global economic down turn is “our fault”, not the current
administration, nor is it the fault of the new administration.

it is us, the consumer,

who are willing to buy into the big picture, instead of enjoying
one small picture at a time.

Soap Dish…..a bunch of suds and duds

I took time away from the constant media coverage of both Senator McCain and Senator Obama. I found my days a little less busy, alittle more quite time for catching up on none politically driven friendships and some laid back time with new friends. I found I didn’t miss much, the elections coverage seem to be where I left it, on every channel except the animal planet, which I think campaign ad would have tried been placed, if they could just figure out the right angle.

Could the nation be ready for political ad placement on none news generating outlets like, the Animal Planet, what would they prose Senator McCain would rally against, support for our big city zoos?, Would Senator Obama have to wage a stance on over spending of tax dollars on color coded coating for the wire fencing around the donkey (blue) and elephant (red) exhibits,because the red dy no. 3, 27 & 28 are known to be toxic to children, I think it is just beagles for no.27, but you may look it up, as don’t claim to know everything, which allows room in the corner of my mind to learning about new toxicities in our ever changing world.

Is it safe say that I didn’t miss much, the VeeP Debate went as planned, no big surprises, except for Gov. Palin was demoted by Senator Biden, but I think he was the only one who realized that calling her a Senator offered her more experience, therefore the he, along with the hand feed press let that one go.

Oh and the Latest Presidential debate looked more like a Rowan and Martin spin-off, with Senator McCain goofing by Tom Brokaw… I thought that was funny. It just another day in “Payton Place”, another hour of the “Days of our lives”, and another nation under god’s heaven, who’s Livin’ a Vida Loca, while taking another glance of as “The World Turns”

response to No.4, “Olbermann has made spin an oscar performance”.

To state that McCain only chose Gov. Palin to win the election and that McCain’s statement of “Country First” is hollow.
Olbermann even goes as far as saying.. “oh, McCain did not state what country”

Ok, I am the first one to say, “drop the war hero story”, but Olbermann has cross the line with this last statement, I thought his show was canceled…????.

I think the title of Gov. of a state, trumps the Senate seat… why you ask, because a GOVERNOR has VETO power.
should I go on.. ok don’t mind if i do.  A Governor is to a State, what a CEO is to a corporation.

So has Sen. Obama ever VETO anything?

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Sen. Webb: says accepting Gov. Palin, would be a big leap of faith…

hum, Sen. Webb thinks Sen. Obama is a sure thing.. ok, 3 months in to obtaining his US senate seat, he anounces his run for president. ….

[I say, ya…right..that equates to anyone who’s has a JD, a background in neighborhood organization, and their name added to various bills you never read while in the state senate..and of course 3mos in the US senate…surely make YOU a sure thing bet for President of the United States of America. I Like to see the odds on this statement in Las Vegas]

So what now, who wants to measure how high we have to leap… I’ll provide the 60ft Stanley carpenter tape. oh Yes before you jump on my words please keep in MIND that Sen. Obama is running for President, no VP…..  not only is the house bigger,  but I think the executive responsibilities are bigger.

Refresher – Gov. Palin is running for VP, and remember, she was picked, and she accepted, it’s not like she woke up one day and said oh, I’ve been Governor for 3 months, I think I’ll run for President of the United States of America.

Don’t be blinded by history in the making, .. try and remember history, and know that learning on the job got us here in this very spot, from a so called sure thing candidate, GW Bush..

They say it’s the GOP’s fault for the financial industry mess, not.. if you took note at all tonight the two F & I guys are meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the entire house. the speaker of the house is a Democratic.. Need I say more.

Last but not the least, Rachel Maddow, please stop wasting your Rhodes education on TV and start backing up your theries… run for office and then we’ll see who is confused, who uses a teleprompter, etc.

I am a fan of your page, and of Air America, but I am not a fan of gerrymandering and anything that offers only one side to a story, when a story becomes one based on a 3 dimensional situation.

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Finance 101 for everyone, nutshell version

the S & L fall of the late ’80s, was based on insolvent Savings and loans, that had assets that still had value. and were not leverage to their full value. So now, we have banks that are still viable, but the value of the paper they bought or hold, is less than the face value of the asset or the loan.

the commercial bank failures are due to the underwriters buying and selling low tier loans, like C,D, and E credit levels. these are buyers whom there paper was not even worth the rag content in them and yet the banks are still viable, but no liquid assets to cover day to day operations

RTC (resolution trust corp.) like to 1930’s home loan resolution offered a way for the Federal bank to buy the paper and then manages the buying and selling of existing loans on the books, and then taking the equity and turn them in to collateral to allow the assets for these commercial banks to have cash on hand, know as liquid.

easiest way to correlate this is , when you go into a store and you have a 100.00 bill to cash and their cash on hand is less than what they need to make change.

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Hello, low income familes do not earn enough to

use the 1040 long form to file for tax credit.
once the money is spent, it is gone.

The only way a family will benefit from a tax credit, is if they earn more than 30K and must own a home. otherwise, the refund method through tax credit only reduces the total table income they must came, and then and only then would they see any refund, and even then it will only ad a 100 to 300 dollars.

example I earn 10k, you offer me a tax credit of 5k, that leaves me filing a total of 5k income, which is only about 150,oo back to me.

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“The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.”

a quote by Oscar Wilde

Do we still want to promote private account vs the SSA?

let me know after today’s closing bell, SO I can Pack for Canada.

anybody wanna blame Alan Greenspan

let me know, because I’d sure like to think it would effect Andrea Mitchell in the pocket the way her bias reporting hurt our chance to have Sen. Hillary Clinton on the Ballot.

reference –

Charges of politicization

Greenspan describes himself as a “lifelong Libertarian Republican”.[44] On March 3, 2005, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid attacked Greenspan as “one of the biggest political hacks we have here in Washington”[45] and criticized him for supporting Bush’s 2001 tax cut plan.[46] Greenspan has also received criticism from Democratic Congressman Barney Frank and others for his support of Bush’s plan to phase out Social Security in favor of private accounts.[47][48][49] Greenspan had said Bush’s model has “the seeds of developing full funding by its very nature. As I’ve said before, I’ve always supported moves to full funding in the context of a private account.”[50]

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