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responding to chemgirl, Columbus is a nice city for food

like Wendy’s (lol), I walk all over, the annual Fountain pen show, I collect FP and watches. it’s helps opens doors (RNC), when i want to place my voice in uncharted waters. Men love their fountain pens more than their mistress, they are usually take less time, and easier to hide when the wife come in the room.

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Don’t ask don’t tell… logo comic say do ask do tell

on Donnally… I guess making a pass new

at her on the Olivia cruise left her quite opinionated, how else would she know how passive aggressive lesbians are???

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Dairy Delights… responding to McCain inder the dairy gun..

Dairy Delights…

maybe the press person who was traveling with Sen. McCain thought he was going to address the surge that protected the “Shake”… (Sheik)

Tommorrow See McCain at- –

he’ll be hanging out at La Madeline’s, some where in Paris, (state TBA)

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Let’s see how much media this gets

[in response to-
Did U note the SILENCE when BHO said UBL planned 911 in HAMBURG?]

much air time that gets.. maybe a minute total between all the networks.. even MSNBC has swooned over the guy, back when it was a three way they seemed to be a little less greedy with the kind word to BHO, verses Sen.McCain. I guess when you take a Clinton out of the mix, it’s hard to make anything stick.

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so what your saying is…

[in response to – -The tab
The first part of the trip was a Senate trip. Iraq and Afghanistan definitely, though I’m not sure]

So who’s paying the bean counters to separate who pays the First part, removed from the second part, but related to the third part, but seems to be like the first part???

I’d go to dinner with 3 brains from work (WSJ) and it takes forever, I hope none of the accountants have “recount” duties on the vitae.

The options

  • A) Tax Payers in the respective states the Senators are from
  • B) All Tax payers because we are citizens of the World or I mean the United States
  • C) all the above.
  • Isn’t there guideline published and will the tax payer be able to see a report like the sec requires of a stock or mutual fund do.

    And is there an oversight group to oversee that non of our tax dollars go to pay for Sen. Obama’s campaign?

    “I know that I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city”…” get real Sen. Obama’s” I think BHO has a large family, I waiting for him to connect himself to the Mayflower, and I am not referring to the mayflower restaurant in Provinctown, MA…

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    This is a landmark speech, whens the last time a Senetor from… eek

    This is a landmark speech, whens the last time a Senetor from

    Our shores, halted all network and cable news outlets to broadcast his speech. When was the last time a Senator running for president here in the USA, had this much airtime in one day with out paying for it via his media budget?
    yea it is a landmark in both television and in the history of presidential campaign.

    I am hearing the cool song in my head….it’s the dawning of the age of technology,….

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    responding to – – TRMS re-playing of Obama’s landmark speech in Berlin, in it’s entirety

    Again, may ask the question… new

    Who’s covering the tab on this world wind tour that Sen. Obama is on. Originally I thought this was a Senate related field trip. I think it’s great th see and hear that Sen. Obama voice carries well across the lawn of the wonderful landmark in Berlin.

    I realize that the substance of his speech was more melodic to my ears than the rantings among the Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, but it was the notation that he was not the norm when it came to a person from our shore stood before them to speak, I felt is was another way to dig into our sides the thorn that reminds us that he is African American. then the go from his families history and segway into the story of the airlift of Berlins, to offer us some picture that would lead us to believe he has felt there pain… sorry I am headed back in line at the Schmidt’s haus, for seconds , (btw- right down the way is a great antiques district),
    – – because I am sure that the desert that Sen. Obama is offering is a bit tart, to offer me some form relation between him and Germany, oh wait he already did that a few months back, it was an uncle right, and where was that??.

    So I guess of late I am offering words of caution. Just because is a leather bound first edition does not make it a good read. I am not a pessimist, just living in the real world here in Fla, where my 30.00 USD left me with only 7.444 gals.

    So May ask who is paying the tab on this trip. (along with the secret service duty, the convention setups etc.

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    I plan to do a write in vote

    I am all for Sen. Clinton and I plan to do a write in vote.

    next can you help answer this Q?, 1) who is paying for Sen. Obama’s trip to Iraq and other locations, seems he is campaigning, and yet is it on his campaign funds or on the senate funds
    2) where is the line drawn as far as media coverage and it seems they are treating Sen. McCain, like they did Sen. Clinton, I can not stand Chris Mathews. or K. Oberman, even though Rachel Maddow sits in for the later, I still thin MSNBC, is bias, lets face it doesn’t the MS stand for Microsoft? 3) why is it that
    staffers from Clinton’s campaign siding with Sen. Obama on the media thing when they themselves were the in McCain’s shoes less them a month ago. 4) is anyone going to shed light on the fact that Sen. Obama misspoke about the translations between the PM of Iraq and what was really said. That’s all,

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    What the media brodcast is not always the views of the majority

    Just like the Sen. Obama media entourage, it is maniacal how grown men and woman alike, have swoon over this guy like he’s already the CAC, when he just some Senator who has taken us for a ride down the slippery slope of campaign valleys and pundit word fest. I am not easily swayed by the words and photo ops of Sen. Obama, he has really taken advantage of the word hope and really pushed it like dope on the masses as if we will not hear his real words, because the cheering of new believers are as load as a Mylie Cyrus concert in a town near you.

    If you really want my vote as you say you do, Sen. Obama, I ask that you get back here and clarify your recent senate votes, and I have yet to hear any input on how you dealt with your state on the conditions after the floods and loss of habit along the river. we pointed fingers at GWB for not reacting to Katrina, well your state needed you and you didn’t even show up (during that floods).

    As far as Sen. McCain, he is not on my list of better choices, but at least he is not bullet proofed by media and other vain remedies.

    Addressing the other topics, I do not like the fact that the keyboard I use is made in Hong Kong (Microsoft), the CPU is made in Indonesia(microsoft), and the fact that the mother board is made in Taiwan – dell/Foxconn/MSI), my Westinghouse Plasma Monitor-made in China.

    The last item I used made in the US for my computer was a mouse, label Microsoft, made in usa patent pend. the circa 1980 …and it’s our fault, you! Me! all of us, we’ll buy a European cars pay 4x the amount it’s worth, but we won’t fork over any money for goods made here because we think it’s too expensive, well making sure each of us has a job, seems to be a very low price to pay in the big scheme of things…

    So when we tell the Manufacturing companies to bring back out jobs here in the states, please make sure you pay full price for that hat, car, baseball glove or even the cup of soup… or your words are as empty as the box I am typing in had I not log in today. I am not on either side of the platform, just a realist.

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