Fast cars and whiners do not mix

seems that the TV news anchors are all about ratings, titling the segments everything short of cat fight. I know that if Wheldon and Rahal were at it is would be back page news.

I realize woman in the sport of racing is still new, although I have been following them for years, Janet Guthrie, St. James, Muldowney (1/4 mil Drag), and Fisher along with Danica Patrick, they all had to endure a form of two sided news reporting. you think by 2008 the editors would get a grip on reality and on their news jockeys.

When Ms. Patrick, and it’s nothing new, goes down to confront the driver who by all accounts use little or no brains while driving, and cuts Ms. Patrick off or worse, cause an accident, it has been a normal occurrence for Her, Ms.Patrick to go down the pit row to the stall where the brainless driver is and speck with them.

I do not recall any race in which Ms. Patrick’s driving ability was just short of perfect, yet her race is shorten by a driver not paying attention to his handlers (pit crew) and the mirrors.

She has not caused an accident either unless it was due to a tire blow out in which she took one out on that race even though her car did two 360’s and went backwards several hundred yards.

But this brings me to this past weeks race trials, not even the race yet, that ms Duno (dooNoh), cut Ms. Patrick off. It common practice that in racing even though a driver or team is in it to win, their is an unspoken etiquette on the track, no blocking no coming down too early on the turns and the one coming out of pit boxes have right of way to the ones (cars), coming in to pit row.

But Ms. Duno seems to lack in patients and erred on the side wimpy, throwing a towel at Ms. Patrick, Now Ms. Patrick held her cool through out the whole confrontation. I salute Ms. Patrick for this and that is why she is great at what she does. everything in her world has a place and a time, and it’s all in timing and place in which she picks her race, and her fight. this time is was the other woman, and believe me the men who have been on the receiving end of Ms. Patrick’s words, have yet to throw a punch or a towel.

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