You know your obsessed with the Anthony case, when your grocery list says, “whole kernel caylee.” instead of “whole kernel corn”

Here is a glimpse-click link for original post.-

“So, on the receipt, I’d labeled the various items, ground beef , velveeta cheese, taco chips, whole kernel corn…but on down the receipt, on the last can of whole kernel corn I had bought, I had written “whole kernel caylee.”

My niece (who found the receipt), really busted my chops over being obsessed with the case when she saw that last night…I tried to defend myself by telling her I rarely ever watch NG anymore…I don’t think she bought it.

 😉   Posted by- “whole kernel caylee.” Kxxx Mxxxxxxx – Batesville, AR

This part was interesting-

You know you’re obsessed, then your grocery list says, “whole kernel caylee.” instead of whole kernel corn”

Here is my response to the same news- I can’t say I am surprised by this move, but this is the era of reality television, and who am I to stand firm on my opinion on due process, and stop the NEW BUSINESS as usual policy when it comes to media’s claim …”. Publics need to know vs. Harm limitation principle,” Besides, I can see a bright side of this Ashleigh Banfield!

I watch her and Jack Ford’s coverage of the Skipper trial here in Florida this past fall.

So with that I will hold comment on how this might harm the case, If the Ms. Kerry, could kindly stop doing the snoopy dance, and know that, the coverage of this civil trial, holds just as much new case law possibilities, as the criminal case.


Do you know who your neighbors are?

let me introduce you folks to Ms. Zenaida Almodovar, and Mr. Peter Gonzalez Jr.

I am not offering an opinion on this, as this site has been under some form of legal issue before about there postings, but if this documents are un-retouch/edited, they are interesing at best.

This should keep all of you folks busy for a while.  Very intersting, I might even change my mind…Key word is  “might”. this link is worth the look.


I am not promoting the opinions of the site, I am just being fair, offering other points of view.

just offering some REALITY to this issue, “…commenter’s may want to get outdoors more.”

I am not siding with the Anthony’s, just offering some REALITY to this issue.  None of the bloggers here will be happy unless they see, hear and read, that CASEY is guilty.  period.

I offer the stats just on wordpress, as to how many individual comments posted on the Anthony case
Total 4,285,000.00 sites/posts on the Anthony case

6,715 results for Casey Anthony comments
5,529 results for Caylee Anthony comments
3,603 results for Cindy Anthony comments
3,071 results for George Anthony comments
1,731 results for Lee  Anthony comments

Note the numbers listed is only on WordPress, this does not include the 11k comments on the Orlando Sentinel’s TV Guy, Hal’s Boedeker’s blog-who uses for their comment editor. Nor does it include the other 3K blogs found on google, yahoo, mahalo, and many others.

p.s. I only have 14 direct posts regarding the Anthony case, yes I have left many comments, lately in defense of myself more than of the Anthony’s lol.

A request for Local News WFTV 9, ..”Get back to delivering the news, not BEING the NEWS.”

Jose Baez’s spokesperson said –
WFTV’s Kathi Belich was wrong when she reported this week that Baez “faxed copies of his motion for a change of venue to some reporters before he ever filed it with the court.”
Marti Mackenzie via an email; “Let us know when you plan to retract your report.”
Here is my response –
I posted this on Hal’s blog.
So if WFTV is not making a retraction regarding the assertions that Kathi Belich made during her broadcast, indicating that a copy of the motion filed, had been fax over to media prior to Mr. Baez arriving at the offices of the Orange County Clerk of the Courts House, in which he filed the motion for change of venue.  Have we heard any follow-up or noticed if the “Motion” was posted on the web yet.
It is odd that such a KEY offering from Kathi Belich, would not be followed up with “first here on ch9, the copy of the faxed Motion”, prior to the clerks date/certification.
I realize the ink is already dry on the new three-year contract between Belich and WFTV, but let us get back to reality.  WFTV you are a local ABC news affiliate, not a local reality production house.
Get back to delivering the news, not BEING the NEWS.

Some prefer to use insults toward Casey’s attorneys to affirm their opinion, “that Casey is guilty”…I think otherwise.

Some prefer to use insults toward Casey’s attorneys to affirm their opinion, “that Casey is guilty”…I think otherwise.

Orlando Sentinel TV Guy’s Hal Boedeker’s blog noted that the trial might be head out of the area; below is an example of comments.


Someone listed the top ten reasons why Jose wanted the trial moved to Miami.

TOP TEN REASONS BOZO Baez wants trial moved to MIAMI …Here was the number one reason, Too funny-#1 BOZO thinks Kathi Belich doesn’t KNOW “WHERE” Miami is.

Posted by: Karen Lee – “This is amusing but is it really a valid to hate the attorney.  I thought it show ignorance on the part of the writer.”


I had stated this on Orlando Sentinel’s TV Guy, Hal Boedeker’s blog, after another person used insults to infer that my opinion was baseless and that I was an idiot…

           I still find it funny that most of people who want to convince me that Casey is guilty, prefer to use insults toward her attorneys to affirm their opinion that Casey is guilty. I have yet to read an original opinion, not based on mainstream media topics, to offer anything of your own thought [copy & pasting info doesn’t count] to sway me believe otherwise”

The same person replied again, but this time, the blogger must have gotten my point, as they sent me this:
Distain replies: (no mention of Baez) Decomp found in Casey’s trunk (not someone else’s trunk), hair follicle with death band on found in the same trunk, hair identified through DNA as definitively belonging to a member of the Anthony family, Caylee is the only Anthony found dead.
How does hair with death band from dead child end up in trunk of Casey’s car if dead child was never in trunk post mortem? Smell of death confirmed by FBI via air sample testing & LE experience to be distinctly that of a decomposing dead body. Anthony’s claim odor to be that of rotting pizza – FBI found no pizza or meat biproducts in trash or trunk only an empty pizza box. Cadaver dogs hit on trunk, but have never hit on rotting pizza. Air tests from Casey’s car show human decomposition.
Casey acting alone abandoned her car in parking lot at the Amscot. Tony Lazzaro picked up Casey because she claimed to have run out of gas which was later driven away with close to ½ tank of gas by George Anthony. There were no mechanical defects LE found with the car yet Casey abandon the car with gas and fully operational.
  • Why did she leave the car if it was drivable especially when she was supposedly “searching” for her daughter and the nanny.
  • Why did she need Tony to pick her up? She could have easily driven herself to Tony’s. Casey never went back for her car and never reported the car missing, lied to friends about where it was any never reported mechanical issues to anyone.
  • Why would a mother of a missing child not seek a mechanic to have her car fixed if she needed the car to search?
 High levels of chloroform found in Casey’s trunk. Has the same high levels of chloroform ever been found in anyone else’s trunk where there was never a dead body? Internet searches on Anthony computer during work days when Casey could be using the computer. Searches related to killing someone with chloroform, neck breaking, homemade weapons and shovel just a few months before Caylee winds up missing and dead by homicide. Does anyone else have these kind of searches on their computer who isn’t writing a school paper or doing work research and has a child wind up dead shortly after? There was also a search of the nanny bduction issue of the show One Tree Hill on the Anthony computer shortly before Caylee’s disappearance and the actress who played the nanny mirrors the description Casey provided LE of Zenaida.
Casey never told anyone that Caylee was missing and suspected she’d be kidnapped. She did not even mention anything odd or out of sorts in her diary. Why would a parent conceal the kidnapping of their only child and go on daily afterward business as usual? Where are the frantic calls on her phone, pleading texts to Zanny or any calls for that matter to the Nanny after Caylee went missing? Casey’s phone records prove she had plenty of time to text and call everyone else except the women she believed stole her child, why?
Does anyone else in US history have a dead child who has been stolen by a living, breathing human they can’t identify or find, that no form of technology has been able to locate, that no human being other than the mother has ever seen or met, can’t be proven ever existed?
How reasonable is it that a person, who historically sends 12,000 text messages a month has no phone record of EVER sending a single text message or making one phone call to the nanny that supposedly regularly care for her child? What are the odds that a mother with a dead child and no job has use for a nanny? When was the child with this so called “nanny”? Was Caylee ever unaccounted for during the times she was supposed to be with the nanny? If Caylee was being watched by this nanny then she wasn’t with anyone else. Can anyone show these unaccounted for times? How many cases have been reported in the US of a mother not contacting police or telling another living human being to include siblings, family, best friends or your diary that your child has been kidnapped and missing for over a month?
 How many people in the history of time have spent their time after their only child went missing going to bars and lingerie parties, peeing in parking lots, posting drunken photos of themselves on the internet, kissing women, sleeping with various men, stealing checks and credit cards from family and friends, buying food and alcohol for their boyfriend, but never making a single purchase for their missing child? What are the odds of this type of irrational behavior from a mother when complete strangers make memorials for children they never met? Casey originally claimed she last saw Caylee on June 9th, so how was Caylee photographed on her great grandfather’s lap on July 14th, Father’s Day?
  • How many people hyperventilate once they hear the body of child was found in a location only later confirmed was actually her daughter and completely dismiss when other reporting’s of possible remains are found in other parts of the county?
  • How many people get released from jail twice and don’t spend a moment of their time looking for their missing child, but have grave concerns about what their boyfriend is doing and thinking?
  • How many children are killed by a babysitter in a different location with items found from the mother’s home when that person has never been to that home?
  • How does a sticker on duct tape covering the child’s mouth have the backing from the same sticker still located inside the home of the mother?
 If anyone else killed this child wouldn’t the backing be in the trash or where the killer had last been? What are the odds it would be in the home of a completely innocent person?
Posted by: Distain for CMA | May 07, 2009 at 11:40 AM


I think I might agree, now that there is clarity in the rhetoric.  It also allows the reader understand how they arrived at their opinion.

Tony Pipitone asked: Can an impartial jury could be found elsewhere in Florida? what a waste of bandwith…and Kilobytes too.

Tony Pipitone asked, “… can an impartial jury could be found elsewhere in Florida?  What a waste of bandwidth and Kilobytes.
Below is the usual type of blog chatter regarding Casey Anthony case.  This is an example of one person who disagreed with the majority….  His name is John,  the replies he received. 21 responses at last count, this one was short and to the point, but a not a valid rebuttal. John only relief came when my name was brought up in another post I did tonight.
“she has almost single-handedly destroyed any chance of miss Anthony having a fair trial not just in Florida but anywhere in the country. it is nice to know that one woman’s opinion can condemn a person to death or life imprisonment…  I personally feel that miss grace crossed a line and should be fired by fueling a fire just to be on a bandwagon. a woman’s life hangs in the balance. only in America could someone like miss grace get away with what she has caused. Miss Anthony had already been tried and convicted before her first month. thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.  Trust me; I don’t mind taking her side and all of the balderdash that comes with it.
Posted by: john gXXXXXXXX | May 06, 2009 at 11:52 AM
He received this reply from another blogger…
Your post just shows what an idiot you are John.
Posted by: XXX | May 06, 2009 at 12:26 PM

True or False? Public records laws require the state to release information

This statement was the third sentence of an article stating that more documents will be release to the Defense from the state attorneys office.

Does the Public records laws require the state to release information prosecutors provide to the defense. Ref: [1] True or false?

It is false.  The public records laws of the state of Florida, states that the records produced through judiciary process is SUBJECT to the open records laws, the release is also subject to the same a laws along with some stipulations and exemptions.

The facts that the records are part of a current trial, the records have a 50/50 chance to be release period.  the open record law is in the nut shell – states that the residents of the state of have the right to view, or receive in hand, a copy of any records that is part of daily government operations, including but not limited to the Judicial branch.

i.e.;  if Judge Strickland imposed a gag order, then a lot of what has been released, and what might become available on line, to be ordered in copy form, would have kept under wraps until the trial was over, and at that point, the judge would release document base on the public’s need to know.

119.01 General state policy on public records –
(1) It is the policy of this state that all state, county, and municipal records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person. Providing access to public records is a duty of each agency.
 [1] Casey Anthony case: More documents expected to be released Friday Sarah Lundy | Sentinel Staff Writer  1:09 PM EDT, April 30, 2009
[2] 119.071  General exemptions from inspection or copying of public records.–
(d)1.  A public record that was prepared by an agency attorney

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