…and behind door number 3 we have…? I think I’ll keep my dental appointment Thursday

“The defense team planned to introduce the death-qualified attorney at the hearing.”  ….WESH’s Bob Kealing 

Here is a response from a blogger.”  Hopefully will be another Bozo Baez!”

I found 32 references to Baez using the word BOZO.  I remember Bozo as a fun Clown who made me laugh, everyday on WFTV.  I even have to sit in on a show while I was a brownie scout.  Now my childhood clown is now forever connected to Jose’ Baez and Casey Anthony.

Do they think Jose is funny? Does Jose’ Baez have very large feet. 

Is it that Jose’ wear a bright blue outfit to work every day?  Does Jose’ have an over the top Crayola Red hair do?  [Something I have yet to witness]  I found after reading the 32 posts today that, the reason why they call Mr. Baez …”Bozo”,

1.    Because they may not know how to spell Baez correctly.
2.    Because he has a receding hairline.
3.    Because he is flatfooted.
4.    Because his name begins with the letter”B”.


When WFTV reminds us as viewers that Casey was watching their station, they forgot to also tell us, that the pods are not rigged with Dish Network, and unlike Casey who has TV is on WFTV, I get my News from Fox35 thank you…

In Print from Orlando Sentinel

The web from the WSJ on-line.

Oh, yes Radio is 104.1 

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Jose’ Morning according to YOU-

brush teeth,
kiss the wife,
hugs the kids,
grab the paper,
pick up the brief case,
find the car keys
…and oh, call Kathi Belich!  NOT.

 Jose’ Morning, according to Jose’-

brush teeth,
kiss the wife,
hugs the kids,
grab the paper,
pick up the brief case,
find the car keys
…and oh call ahead 511 for traffic report.

Hal what is the usual protocol for courthouse media?

imo- the media has knew from Jose’s own spokesperson that the attorney whom the team
has chosen would be released prior to the may 28th hearing date.
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I would pose this question (but I know the answer already, but here is anyway.

Q-Did the jail staff move Casey into the same situation as they did on Dec. 11?
A-From my inside source, Casey was not moved from her cell to the same area on the day Padilla did his FALSE find dive.
Footnote-what a waste of funds on his part, but it is his money.
Posted by: finnperkins | May 26, 2009 at 05:37 PM
I fact, the Same jail CO said, Casey’s regular schedule time, to be in the regular open-population TV room while the others were outside.  The jail CO’ noticed the coverage, and that before the finds were announced, the CO sent Casey back to her Cell, without incident.

The info on the NON-Movement of Casey from Cell on the Day Padilla did his FALSE search, was from a Jail CO, who’s mother works at the salon where my mother’s stylist works,…na na na.  For real, a bunch of 80 year old ladies discuss this every Friday now. I call it “Updates from the Q-tips”

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“Second verse same as the first”… endless accounting of the lies as they are feed you through the mega pixels of your flat screen TVs

I am responding to anyone who thinks this applies to them, it probably does.

I find it interesting how many of the bloggers here recite the same words repeatedly as it they are all at their computers at the same time, and typing in a wandering chorus, repeating words from media sources, with out reference to the author.

Our computers are the common thread through all of the posts, are words of hate, cynicism and contempt for the Laws of Society.

If the Media had not released any of the interviews conducted by FDLE, What would all of you base you opinions on with out the help of the Florida’s Government in the sunshine?  The Florida loose open records laws, the worst in the nation (jmo).  What would all of you base you opinions on with out the help of the Florida’s GISL?

The FL S. 119.105 Protection of victims of crimes or accidents, is not enforceable because it does allow the NEWS MEDIA to have these records, but I want to know when to draw line should be in the sand.

I think that as of May 17, 2009, the Casey Anthony case is not longer News. At this point, the Anthony case is a “Topic,” used to generate advertising revenue for the local TV station.

The Local TV stations are corporations.  Most TV stations offer us 1 to 3 hours worth of time set aside for local news segments, at least hour of accumulated news segment promos to promote there news segment, and the remainder of the air time is sold to various affiliates, known as primetime programming.  Then there is after hours leased access time for infomercials and alike…. 

Therefore, at what point will the Federal, State, and Local government acknowledge that our local Media stations are a business, which is held to corporate taxation; therefore, they are an entity that uses our public records information for commercial solicitation.

Every time a reader clicks on a website of WFTV, WESH, WKMG, and many others, they are also generating automated revenue, even if a reader does not click the advertisement on the webpage, the station sell its ad space based on projected demographic.

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Tally of CNN articles on Net

Barack Obama (3575)
John McCain (2376)
Hillary Clinton (1863)
Iowa (519)
New Hampshire (474)
Mitt Romney (464)
Sarah Palin (444)
South Carolina (413)
President Bush (371)
Mike Huckabee (340)
Race to ’08 (336)
Joe Biden (335)

Every Job I ever applied to wanted proof of citizenship – How hard can it be, to prove where you took your first breath?

UPDATE: Forbes is on it.

UPDATE: TulsaToday.com is too

UPDATE: WND declares Birth Certificate on Obama’s site a FRAUD

UPDATE: AmericanThinker channels Outoftheblu.wordpress.com

UPDATE: Taranto at the WSJ checks in and amends the Forbes article.

UPDATE: Diana West addresses the issue and points out Obama has yet to show:

1) His original birth certificate. Access is sealed by the Governor of Hawaii.
2) Admissions/College transcript records from Occidental College.
3) Admissions/College transcript records from Columbia University.
4) Admissions/College transcript records from Harvard University.
5) Records of his editorial writing in the Harvard Law Review.
6) Medical Records.
7) Selective Service Registration Records. (Debbie Schlussel has obtained Obama’s Selective
Service Registration record. She has done an investigation, posted on her website,
thoroughly demonstrating that the registration is a forgery and a fraud.)
8) His Illinois State Legislative calendar.
9) The list of his legal clients from his days of private law practice.

UPDATE: MSNBC skews it but mentions it!

So I take it your response is base solely on research?

So I take it your response is base solely on research?

responding to – passing judgment – Based on your response , you have passed judgment on me. I guess we’re even.

responding to – No one is looking to you to figure out why…. –
Well, i can say one thing only about this paragraph. if one takes
the time to figure out why, the there will be no motive. A case that usually
is brought before a grand jury, in which, Motive, opportunity and eyewitness
testimony is billed or no billed, all of which requires figuring out why, when and how….

responding to – DA’s office, well unless you are the DA, ADA or a member
of the impaneled grand jury, or a witness brought before the court,
it is unknown what part of evidence brought the DA’s office to hold
a grand jury. Usually if a grand jury is need to bring charges,
it is because the state is unable to form a case base solely on evidence

… as far as “protective custody” at 33rd, it just means that she
in not held in general population, this is used to separate inmates
for many reasons
1] self harm and that she is in safety holding
2] that other may harm her, as even criminals, seen to have a form
of “food chain” list based on the inmates crime or alleged crime.
3] the state and the def. Atty. many agree to do this, to reduce tainted
testimony’s from in-house guards, and inmates etc.

responding to – Treat your subject with some dignity. Try reading more.,…
many I invite you to read this one – In response to – by Greta Van Susteren
“Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail – POST IT HERE !”

In my last words, because that is what I use here on earth to communicate
with readers, is that the posting you responded to, was about how
I felt. so If you do not mind, this posting was based solely on the individual
posting from the blog reference.

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In response to one of my readers, blog name is “C”. re – Casey Anthony

I am not religious , if religious is gauged by how many times I have sat in a church. I am how ever a person who has seen and even lived through a lot of “fallen-on-hard times” driven issues. 30 years ago we would have never had access to this kind of coverage.

Do you love your brother? I am sure you do. I think people revert to lying when their reality is missing a solid foundation for one to find in their darkest hour, or in their emotional time of need. in Casey’s case it would be her Mother. She feared her mother more than anything or anyone.

1] I do not think Cindy Anthony thought the police would zero in on Casey as they did, so that is why she recanted her two 911 statements.

2] the hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world, especially in Casey and caylee’s world. Cindy Anthony was the bread winner in the household and as long as She did this Casey would never stand on her own. Casey knew what to do to get what she wanted from her mother. the only thing she did not know how to do was just stand still and say stop. her fear of loss was too great, the loss of approval, of Caylee to Cindy, the loss of shelter, even loss of what freedom she had. remember Cindy would care for Caylee at the drop of a hat. So the I want to party and get rid of The kid theory is so not part of the story.

3] Why do I care about Casey, I guess because as much as I was able get beyond the mother daughter struggles, I did not get way with out some harsh scares and the constant reality, that even as a person who is opposite from Casey’s overall persona, me being well healed with education, a job & some family wealth, I still dealt with an over controlling Mother and a passive Father. “–my father would say, It’s ok with me , If your Mother says it’s ok with her”, That is the title of my Childhood.

To Casey, her statements are her life, they are not lies to her, they are words of protection till she feels safe enough to revel what is really the truth. I do not think she ever invasion such a media convergence, that by the time she might have been ready to state her truths, the world was watching. to Casey the media is standing to judge her just as Her Mother did and still does (behind closed doors).

Why am I extending a friendly tone to an unlikely peer, because some one needs to. other than her attorney, she really has no one. I do not think her parents are sunning her, I think it is for her on legal safety that she has no contact, as the DA’s office could subpoena anyone to testify on their behalf.

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