there’s no one I rather be than me, please listen and learn, acceptance is always the key,

this was a hit in 1991, offering words that say exactly what I think expresses how we feel today when confronted by gender and life-choices.


Anime [Mandy Moore It’s Gonna Be Love] – Anna & Yoh


Type – O , ready lets go!

when I walk among the crowded streets, I see Type, When I drive along the highway I notice Type, and when I see you, and you see me, we wonder “What’s your Type”…

Nutshell hypocrisy: you want my money, I can’t have my rights….hum DeVos your a twit

An overview of DeVos’ political activism in the past reveals an anti-gay agenda. DeVos notoriously gave $100,000 to a group called “Florida For Marriage” in 2008 which helped them to pass Amendment 2 – the anti-gay “definition of marriage” bill in Florida which prevents LGBT persons from even obtaining a civil union. Virtually all of his hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds have gone to conservative Republicans in the past.

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