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give up your waMu account for a “OCDC” account, NOT,..but look who’s keeping track of who did.

Casey Anthony buys chips, water, candy with out-of-state donations[1]

 –       Casey Anthony currently has more than $480 in jail account.
She uses the account to buy food and other items from the jail’s commissary. Her order Thursday totaled $29. It included ponytail holders, tortilla chips, bottled water, cocoa, strawberry pop tarts and M&M peanuts, according to jail records.-

So where is noted that the $100 money order from Ohio, $10 from California and $5 from Kansas, were earmarked to pay for the $29.00 tab for the recent order from the Jail commissary. Based on simple math, she had a balance of 365.00 in her account and that she maybe leaving the funds from her out of state supporters to cover future travel cost, when she does her “thank you” tour.

After the recent release video interviews of the OC jailhouse staff[of documents], via a mistake made by someone [probably not employed anymore by the state], with in the state attorney’s office, the idea of a thank you tour may not be a just myth.

Footnote- [1] By Sarah Lundy | Sentinel Staff Writer   9:22 AM EDT, April 3, 2009
Copyright © 2009, Orlando Sentinel 
OCC - Orange County Correction Dept. 

I am not gloating, just feeling vindicated, because I have been addressing this, ” too much information” is likely to aid the defense.


I am not gloating, just feeling vindicated
[allot of the comments regarding the post I have written in reference to this case, have been quiet verbal-meaness]

The state of Florida release videos of OCS FL Deputy Cain, stating one thing under oath and another when asked again the afternoon of the same day. Along with the video of Ms. Anthony prior to the grand jury indictment, and also the audio recording of OC Jail staff interviews, voicing their what they observed on 12/11/08 at OCCD where Ms. Anthony was waiting in the medical WAITING room. [something they did not intentd to do]

Does anyone have a paddle, the state will need it to get their “leaky” canoe out of the sunshine [Gov. in the Sunshine law] before it rains.  Oops! It’s too late it’s raining reporters and bloggers.

I wonder who will bring us the “first to bring you” this exclusive, Well it was WFTV who got it , then aired it, and now…

I feel a [e]motion for dismissal is coming soon? The “click” sound is not the mouse on Marti Salt’s computer, nope, it’s the sound of the door closing on the mail box, on the closed, on the corner of Simpson Rd and New Beginnings road [Baez law firm location] in the little old town of Kissimmee, FL.

If you read one of my old postings and you’ll understand why I am smiling.  It is not because I want the Ms. Anthony to get away with anything [if she is the one responsible for the disappearance of her daughter], I am smiling because I have been claiming this issue of too much information is likely to aid the defense.


“Gov. in the Sunshine law”- this is the law that allows the public access to all of this info,

Once the state attorney releases to the defense, the discovery items are open to public viewing.







Defenses strategy is, but not limited to, “Is YOU”, “yes, you read it right.”

FYI- his strategy is but not limited to, is YOU, yes, you read it right.


You, along with all of the media and blogger who have already passed judgment,
already thrown away  the jailhouse key, already used  the “G” word in vain in order
to describe your distain for Ms. Anthony and her family.

If there is a miss-trial or an acquittal, it will be base primarily on “reasonable doubt” because
there was so much prior knowledge of facts of the “On going investigation” by the OCSD here, that anyone could have framed her, just to get even with her [Ms. Anthony].

What is questionable is that the holding area that Ms. Anthony was in was not an actual medical treatment room, but the Waiting Room area of the medical pod/dept with in the DOC of OSC building.

The reason I state this is because -i.e.;


     if you were in the doctors office waiting area and you along with many other people
-[staff and stranger-patients], and the doctor came in and told you that your daughter is dead, doesn’t matter if your in a private doctors facility or a government facility, your are still entitled to the basic  humanity.  I know all of the people who dislike Ms. Anthony and the indictments filed by the state placing her at the DOC, think that she has no right to privacy or right to humane treatment. If you really feel this way I will assume you will be on the next bus “death row” holding front row seats with your name on them. . .


This is not TV, This is not a hypothetical Nancy Grace version of life, no liberty, no pursuit of justice…[don’t get me started on her, I need sleep sometime soon] etc. This real. This is story of a life that has tragically crossed the boundaries or right and wrong, good and bad, and also the boundaries of ones own control, Maybe even long before the sun came March 19, of 1986


            food for thought –  Think about this –  ask yourself, if you , any family members, and also your friends and co-workers. If you’ve ever lied, with-held the truth, stretched a story, delayed offering information that would most likely place you  or any of the above listed into a not so friendly hue of grey. How many of you drive after a night out with friends, or a business meeting, or even just a good old card game with friends…

I am not claiming to be perfect or with out flaws, But I am not the one passing judgment, I am only offering a little reminder of what I learned in kindergarten… if you have forgotten, maybe you might want to buy the book by Robert Fulghum.

 ~ have a few drinks and then drive

 ~ float a check that your direct deposit will cover in the morning,

 ~ do a rolling stop, went 3 miles over the speed limit in a school, and hoped no one was watching,

 ~ pass through a tollbooth, with out paying, or know darn well your toll pass has a zero balance

 ~ better yet, wished that someone you dislike were deader than a door nail… Well I realize the “State of Florida v.  Casey Anthony”  is much more serious, the fact is that all of us are one, breath away from some form of serendipitous, or tragic issue, because with every action there is a reaction.




p.s. – I welcome the fact that the officials handling the “Cummings disappearance has taken heed and has keep the information under wraps, of course they can not control renegade attorneys and the need for a cameo on Nancy grace… but all in all I think the investigators are a bit more mature and professional.

A Preview of a “Long Hot Summer”, not a good sign of the times to come…If I were the easter bunny, I’d really say an extra prayer for the second coming. NOW

…If I were the easter bunny, I’d really say an extra prayer for the second coming. NOW

Massacre kills 12 at immigration center in Binghamton, N.Y [bithplace of IBM
the gunman opened fire on immigrants taking a citizenship class.






Stock Tip……

I think the best industry stock this year will be, TI, Casio and Sharp… top manufacturers of Calculators.

…all are in R n’ D for a new line up , that offers a 18 digit display, “14 zeros and 3 comas and 1 decimal”

President Obama’s Employment Alert! “Cabinet Post holders Wanted”, Apply now, Pay later….

This was written in response to a WSJ article. Un employment rates would be lowered if local employers would take up the same hiring practices of the Whitehouse…lol, bring change to Washington, D.C. is good, but and making our economy better is great, bringing to light all the non-tax paying Washington D.C. elite, priceless!

If you are a mover and a shaker, know Washington DC, with out using a GPS, can pay off any back owed taxes at a moments notice, or at least prior to confirmation, then we want you!
send all inquiries to

Please keep in mind that you may be held accountable for your past actions, whether they be legal or illegal. Also keep in mind that anything you say will be picked apart by anyone who has a keyboard in front of them and access to the internet.  If you have thick skin, a great smile, and can speak out the side of your mouth, preferably the left, then We want you!

The final detail in making your dreams come true, you know working in President Obama’s cabinet, you must be able to provide proof why you did not pay your back taxes, such as a broken calculator [ti 86, hp12c  etc], an empty fountain pen, do not own a “how to do your taxes for dummies” book in the lower left hand drawer of your desk. If this has added to your exception qualifications then We want you!

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Depending on what you consider “breaking the law is/means …Gov. Rod Blagojevich claims of innocent could be true…” [ said one black kettle to another ]

There seems to be so much about everything, but nothing to do with change.

I recall judgment and experience was two of the key topics in the 2008 election. I am glad that I used my own judgment when I placed my vote on November 2, 2008  The best thing that has come out of the last 16 days that President Obama was sworn in, oh, wait I mean 15 days since he was sworn in to office, hum or is it 14 days… do we have the official date of record yet.. oops I digressed, as I was about to say, is that the last 18 months looks to be the opening act in a trilogy gone bad.  We have ponzi schemes, and legal bank robbery, and oh yes I can’t leave out tax invasion.


Did anyone remember to notify the Hemsley family, that there loved ones were held to a different standard of income tax laws… due to the  fact that they did not reside or hold office in the Washington DC zip code.


Let hope today’s news days is a slow one, you know like the days when Punxsutawney Phil, had the front page to himself.


Depending on what you consider is breaking the law…”Gov. Rod Blagojevich claims of innocent could be true…[ said one black kettle to another



So how may non-law abiding citizens of these United States will be re-united in President Obama’s Cabinet…

2 so far, at least that we know of.

————————————-   ~/~  ———————————-

In response to this ——–
from The Wall Street Journal

Jan. 30, 2009

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, President Barack Obama‘s nominee for the secretary of Health and Human Services, paid around $100,000 in back taxes after his nomination to pay for a car and driver he was supplied but did not report as income, according to documents being prepared by the Senate Finance Committee. The issue will dominate a closed-door meeting of the committee called for Monday afternoon.

————————————-   ~/~  ———————————-

I have been patient, not to jump on the media blog-o-sphere to dash any of President Obama’s choices for his cabinet, after all he is the president.  Then I thought about all the taxes I paid out over the years, with-out choice, and paid in full every year.

So how may non-law abiding citizens of these United States will be re-united in President Obama’s Cabinet…

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only in America… can you break the law and still become the Treasurer of the united states…

only in America… can you break the law ans still become the Treasurer of the united states… you know the person who signature is on the currency we are so lacking in.  So does this mean if you are a tax paper in the US, that we are all forgiven, can we all ignore our late fees and the notices that pile up in the file 13 basket.

And that brings me to Pres. Obama view of compromise, you know, like the time he voted for fisa, instead of standing tall on his views and what is really good for our nation.  Chew on that you folks at MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and HLN… and the folks who watch these networks.

ps. if the wall street journal was less per isue that the local papers in our towns, I think that the public at large would not put up with this on going romance between Pres. Obama and his dream teams wish list fulfillment.

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