Jack takes a trip… to the groomer today.

Hair today !

Hair tomorrow?



Yes this was jack this morning.

(could be a fire hazard)


Jack head to groomer


Jack loves riding in BlueCars…not counting them (lol)


looking up at the top as it moves closed.


A persian, with a tabby cut.

Jack in the Box


would you like a coke with that?

the photo is fuzzy because he was shaking his head.


Yes, his head is really in the box.
People, who have met him, know
this is real.  his personality causes
him to be a “live it, eat it, touch it,
and be in the moment cat.”

Jack’s know’s how to get his own water,

My partner and I met Jack at SPCA in So. Burlington VT. He was 13 years old when we adopted him. He loves water.   He will run into the shower, He will run up to the kitchen sink.  Here is his claim to youTube fame-

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