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Re-posting of “Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail – POST IT HERE !”, that this was original posted on

I am re-posting this because this was the first of my posting addressing
the issue of fair trial, the comments were at 832, by the time I posted
my comment. …to date, there have been, 677 additional comments (-letters to Casey)
I think It is safe to say MINE, was one of very few, if any that actually contain
the words “Fair” and Trial” with in the context of my comment.

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December 26th, 2008 2:24 PM Eastern
Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail – POST IT HERE !
by Greta Van Susteren
Casey Anthony is in jail……if you have a note you would like to send her, post it here.
I imagine she gets access to the internet and googles her own name…
..and thus she will get sent right here! So post a comment (send a note)
to Casey Anthony: POST IT HERE !”

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Comment by Finn
December 27th, 2008 at 9:00 pm

Dear Casey,

You know the majority of the people in the Orlando area have already made

up their minds about you. I myself, would like to reserve this task to the 12 jurors of your peers. I think the OC DA’s office will have very little trouble in finding 12 jurors who have not heard of you and your case.

Now you think I am crazy, but I am not I am thinking outside the box that seems to behold all of the one-sided media anchors, the non-sinners of the orange county area, you know, the ones who have never missed a day in church, the men and woman who have never driven drunk home, even from Orange county parking garage,
also the peers who claim to have never felt the urge to go out with friends that they have lied to their parents
~  you know it will be very easy for the Orange County DA’s office to find these 

            12  jurors, if the hope for one thing,

      ~  oh, wait, I was thinking a fair trial

       ~  that the Osmond’s moved to town recently.
~  then I realized I was watching a rerun of Oprah’s special on the Osmond
family reunion that took place her at Walt Disney World.

I wish you and your family Godspeed and that if in fact Little Caylee Marie has passed on, that she is in the hands of God whom carried her to be with the angels. I can not say I know what your feeling because I do not, but I do know first hand the OC system and also having not been the favorite in a four person family setting. It’s not easy being green and last if no has already, I think you deserve a hug and best wishes & prayers in the coming year.

Best Regards, Finn / Fuzygenius

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