does Bernard Lewis refresh your memory?

read, learn listen..before its gets out of hand.

the division between us an them…

why does there have to always be and us and them?

“Who asked who to the Dance” Why the Anthony’s said yes, to the interviews…

Why the Anthony has said, “Yes,” to these interviews, which had been rehashed by Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Mike Galanos and many others TV shows.  The answer is “I do not know,” But I did find out that the networks courted the Anthony’s…

Hal, do you have any information on how the interviews were setup?

Posted by: finnperkins | May 16, 2009 at 01:06 AM

Hals’ response to my question-

HAL’S NOTE: Maggie Rodriguez of “The Early Show” said she worked a long time to get the Anthony interview.  The Anthony has had a history with Larry King.  Oprah wanted to have an exclusive.  TV shows court interview subjects so they can win the interview; the practice called “the get.”  Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel.

CASEY Anthony dials 911 , protesters attack father in front of their home. [posted in New York Observer] the media has gone nuts again.

Nancy Grace again is the most visible driving force. Does she have short
term memory or what.. does Melinda Duckett name mean anythin to her?
Ms. Grace has single handedly brings to the airwaves a blatant disregard
to our US justice system.

She’s has gone too far on both these cases. Both happen here in central Florida,
and both are dealing with a young child, whose mother is single, young
and attractive, and also estranged from the father of the child.
Seems like the authorities might want to compare incidents. The car issues were
the same, both abandon, etc. both show the mother partying, and then major
tabloid style [yellow journalism] media injustice. When will it stop, when Casey
takes a gun to her head too?…I sure hope not.

Godspeed to the Anthony family..

I sure hope not.

Godspeed to the Anthony family..

juliette Lewis, is an actress turn rocker

To FDLE – Sooo out of touch. the joke is on you

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