“… but maybe it’s the only way talk about your revolution, it’s indepenednce day”



Odd but true, Caylee M Anthony was last seen, June 16 2008, that is 27 yrs to Date Diane Downs was adjudicated guilty of

the murder one of children and an attempted murder of the other two . 1984


After 5 1/2 yrs after, Wilberger wz abducted remains found via a cadaver dog. I am questioning why the Orange Co. Sherriffs Office & FDLE’s Cadaver Dog didn’t find Caylee


Courtney drove a short distance before he bound Wilberger with duct tape. He took her to a remote parcel of private property deep in the woods of the Coast Range of Benton County.

is Lying by omission is still lying? the ASAs of State of Florida and GAnthony at fault,

Both the State ASA and the Defense did not ask about Krystal Holloway relationship with the woman who assisted in the letter passing between Casey Anthony and Robyn Adams… click to read OSCO report. Click image to see full report realitychatter . com

On February 18 th, 2010 Sergeant Allen told me that Krystal Holloway and her sister Cecelia Benhaida were coming to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Central Operations Center for additional interviews regarding this case.

is that a Yellow plastic Draw-Tie

ok when was Roy Kronk’s record in Tennessee expunged? when did the victim die? (the one who press kidnapping charges and aggravated assault) Roy Kronk had faced kidnapping charges back in the 1990′s. record expunged

Roy Kronk had faced kidnapping charges back in the 1990′s. record expunged

Pop Tarts and Boxing Gloves – this trial has brought out the odd, unusual and the creative.

thought I make u smile for a change.





was he just an average Joe, what caused his “knee Jerk reaction” Read here

Taped Transcript


Taped Transcript Nov

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