Standing on Capitol hill, Wearing our hearts on our sleeves, {Is capitol hill over using the wrong L word}

[photo credit Source: Orange County Property Appraiser, Pictometry International, law enforcement, Google Earth and staff reports. The Washington Post 2016.

The word LOVE is overused. A proactive stance is needed. To think I was one-week-end away from being in the right spot at the wrong time is life stopping.
We need to use more of the other L words…. Legislation and Laws. push for Officers of the court to officiate and enforce both the existing laws and draft up new laws that will include consequences to merchants of 21st century marketplace.
I realize we cannot become a policed state, but we sure can become a Pro-active. We learn daily that being REACTIVE is “199 deaths too late” (from 1966 to present day mass-incidents.
Right let’s not given to fear.
I ask that we STOP fueling the fires filled with empty promises. Let’s put out the embers of those empty words, find the gather the good left from the dust and ashes of these massacres, and place them in a BILL, and send it to capitol hill.
Ask for mandatory physicals, that are document via a physician’s affidavit.
A Yearly renewal on gun licensing.
Require gun insurance. just like our DMV registration process (using state of florida as my example) No insurance, Means No driver’s license, No Renewal.

Once the paperwork trail is deviated, the state will issue a bench warrant for violators.
Violation would warrant, A new physician’s affidavit. along with a In-Home visit.
P.S. it’s harder to adopted a Kitten from the SPCA than it is to buy an assault rifle.

Useful Stats A MUST READ

The math of mass shootings By Bonnie Berkowitz, Lazaro Gamio, Denise Lu, Kevin Uhrmacher and Todd Lindeman Updated June 13, 2016





FloriDAH! still on the books as of 2008 “ADULTERY & COHABITATION” …I’m guilty as charged.

Ok, so you want Gay marriage laws passed here in FloriDAh!, …Well I say “great, but we might want to removes these laws first, to make room for the new laws.”    …ya-think   😉


The 2008 Florida Statutes


798.01 Living in open adultery.

798.02 Lewd and lascivious behavior.

798.01 Living in open adultery.

–Whoever lives in an open state of adultery shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

Where either of the parties living in an open state of adultery is married, both parties so living shall be deemed to be guilty of the offense provided for in this section.

History.–s. 1, ch. 1986, 1874; RS 2595; GS 3518; RGS 5406; CGL 7549; s. 772, ch. 71-136.

798.02 Lewd and lascivious behavior.

–If any man and woman, not being married to each other, lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together, or if any man or woman, married or unmarried, engages in open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, they shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

History.–s. 6, ch. 1637, 1868; RS 2596; GS 3519; RGS 5407; CGL 7550; s. 773, ch. 71-136.


Punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083   

May 6th was a funny day and I almost missed out.. check out the these posts.

I was looking for him since I had asked him to make a statement that he is not affiliated with the defense,the Ants or others and that he ought to simply tell us that he is a free agent. Was waiting to hear from him.
Interesting —
maybe he’s got Swine Flu – wouldn’t wish it on him though…
Posted by: exxxxxxxx | May 06, 2009 at 06:34 PM
                 FinnPerkins has so many alias’s that he probably forgot which one he was today… you know multiple personality disorder… Like the new Showtime show Tara of the United States … he has to wait until that person pops out then he is that one for the day….LOL…
Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxx | May 06, 2009 at 07:20 PM
 he’s hoping if he lays low for a few days you will forget Eddie LOL. I’m not complaining, I don’t miss his self-important rantings one bit.
 Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxx | May 06, 2009 at 07:20 PM
Finn is recovering from a good laugh…,
Exxxxxxxx said-“maybe he’s got Swine Flu – wouldn’t wish it on him though…”
              Finn Says-“Now that I have recovered from ROFLMAO..I have pulled it together to say hello.
Glad to see I was missed. I don’t think I have to blog everyday, much less address a topic, inwhich all of you know how I feel, but just in case anyone forgot, the answer to this topic, is NO, WKMG is back peddling because they share a common the name Kirschenbaum.
no flu. just helping my parent at rehab. (hit while crossing the street.. by GMC truck at kaley and orange avenue 4/15/09).
Posted by: finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 08:41 PM 
To exxxxxx
I did make a statement on Saturday I think.
Look harder.
Finn ..btw is a she, not a he.-
Posted by: finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 08:45 PM
 So if you disagree with some one, your and idiot?, I thought maybe it’s because you might be of free will, think for yourself kind of person. usually known to be- independent, a non follower, a leader type. So to be called an idiot because I (they) disagree with the masses, is an ignorant statement by a narrow minded, sheep type, follow the madding crowd fan.
              I also do not agree with your opinion of evidence will convict her, because so far, not one item connects Casey to the death of her child.
Yes, she waited 30+ days to report
Yes, she party a lot
Yes, she lied about her job
Yes, she was never going to be mother of the year.
…does not make Casey a killer.
Posted by: finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 09:16 PM
 It just highlights her irresponsible behavior.
The FBI also disagrees with you.
So is everyone who signed the FBI Lab documents, that are on the links available on my local news stations website, all Idiots? I think Not. … NO one on this Blog has ever disputed the facts that the FBI FOUND no connection to Casey.
             If there was enough evidence to connect Casey, the State attorney would not have had to convene a Grand jury. which is usually brought into play if there is no physical evidence to connect the person of interest with the crime  I still find it funny that most of people who want to convince me that Casey is guilty, prefer to use insults toward her attorneys to affirm your opinion that Casey is guilty, yet none of you offer anything of your own thought(copy paste info doesn’t count)to make me believe otherwise….jmo/Finn
 Posted by: finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 09:16 PM
FYI -Finn perkins is a she.
Finn perkins uses only Finnperkins
Finn perkins has a cat named Jack who has his own myspace..called Fuzygenius.
Yes, it is also my blog title. because I started to use the blog as a journal for Jack who is 18 years old,. adopted from the So. Burlington VT SPCA, I live in Orlando (Baldwin Park), area. I grew up in the Delaney Park area of Orlando.
         FYI-I might be away from blogs tomorrow, is that ok, or will you be wishing another form
of illness upon me. just asking. Finn
Posted by: finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 09:24 PM
LOL good one Rxxx.
Posted by: Txx | May 06, 2009 at 09:41 PM
              To Finnperkins…. you wrote>> If there was enough evidence to connect Casey, the State attorney would not have had to convene a Grand jury. which is usually brought into play if there is no physical evidence to connect the person of interest with the crime>> The grand jury was convened because they the prosecution at the time only had circumstantial at the time… but now guess what Finn they HAVE A BODY… and I am sure loaded with lots of positive evidence… so i would rethink that statement… also I am sure they have positive evidence that link her & they still have not exposed as yet… like maybe, uh i don’t know, how about her fingerprints on the duct tape as they were never excluded… as well as possibly dirt on the two pairs of shoes that were left in the car since we have not heard about those shoes as yet… Think so there Finn…. want to rethink that statement???
Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxx | May 06, 2009 at 09:50 PM
Finn, Casey didn’t just lie about a job. She lied about a nanny kidnapping Caylee and about Caylee calling her on July 15. The nanny doesn’t exist and Caylee had been dead for 31 days so she couldn’t have talked to Casey. If Caylee was kidnapped, she would have called her parents and the cops. If Casey didn’t murder Caylee, why lie about a nanny kidnapping her? If she didn’t murder Caylee, why did her car smell like a dead body as a cadaver dog, six witnesses and FBI air tests showed? If she didn’t murder Caylee why was Caylee’s skull found double bagged in the woods behind the Anthony home with duct tape and a heart sticker – Casey’s trademark – in the very woods where Casey buried her hamster double bagged with a heart sticker. All the evidence points to Casey and no one else and you know it. You’re just on the blog to raise reasonable doubt. You said so yourself.
Posted by: Sxxxx | May 06, 2009 at 10:22 PM
has been absent from the sites all day.
Posted by: Nxxxxx | May 07, 2009 at 10:09 AM
Good gosh Finn, so sorry to her about your mom/dad. I hope he/she is doing better.
Posted by: Dxxxxxx fxx Cxx | May 07, 2009 at 10:18 AM
        FINN wrote: also do not agree with your opinion of evidence will convict her, because so far, not one item connects Casey to the death of her child.
        Distain replies: unfortunately for you your opinion is the minority. You may not believe that there is enough evidence to convict Casey, but roughly 90% of the population tends to think otherwise, so the odds are against you. Even putting aside whether or not Casey committed the murder she is definitely guilty of child negligence resulting in the death of a minor at the very least. There is no way Casey is going to get a get out of jail free card because even w/o a smoking gun she’ll be held responsible for Caylee’s death because of her behavior. Parents are “RESPONSIBLE” for their children and there’s plenty of evidence that she wasn’t acting responsibly. I find it hard to believe that 12 people will agree that Casey doesn’t deserve to do jail time. There are other charges she’s facing.
Posted by: Dxxxxxx fxx Cxx | May 07, 2009 at 10:43 AM
 WTG Cxx!!     And I knew Finn was a female..I googled the name last week.
Posted by: hxxxxx | May 07, 2009 at 02:36 PM
       Hxxxxx… Do you think that maybe Finn might be Linda Kenney-Baden?? I was thinking because i read somewhere where she rescued or adopted a cat/dog i can’t remember which somewhere up in New England and isn’t that where she and Dr. Baden live? I have to check that out… What are your thoughts?
Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxx | May 07, 2009 at 05:25 PM
Sxxx  said – ” Casey’s trademark – in the very woods where Casey buried her hamster double bagged with a heart sticker.
   I replied- ….  this statement of Jessica’s , Casey’s friend… Jessica’s hamster Sage died. ‘We put the hamster in a plastic, zip-lock bag and put that inside a paper bag.’ ‘On the paper bag, we drew five or six hearts, as signs of love, and wrote, “We will miss you, Sage,” on it.” Later Kiomarie and Casey buried KM’s bird wrapped in a blanket embellished with hearts, and put into a bag, also did the same when KM’s beta fish died.”
IMO..It might be KM trademark not CA’s, KM was the common factor during each burial.
Posted by: Sxxx | May 06, 2009 at 10:22 PM
I replied-  …..what does this explain. could you elaborate on your opinion…otherwise all it implies is that my cat has a myspace page, and if you have checked it out you will see I have a funny bone.
“An 18 year old cat named Jack AKA Fuzygenius with its own myspace page,  that explains alot.”
 Posted by: Nxxxxx | May 07, 2009 at 10:09 AM
To Dxxxxxx fxx Cxx …..Thank you for your good wishes. He’s been in hospital/rehab the last 3.5 weeks hoping for a home care soon. ..again thank you.
WOW, we do agree you know, I think we (imo), disagree on the way this case has been handled. I feel that the local tv stations have fueled the wounds that all of us felt when Caylee’s story came to us last year…hard to believe it’s been almost a year.  eek. I hope that who ever did this deed, will be punished appropriately. I am not stating who, because we are all one breath away from unknown forces of human nature & mother nature.
i.e., a woman went to work one day , head home that evening, a man stepped off the curb, unable to avoid him, her car hit him, placing him into another lane, an semi-truck struck him. who’s to say if he was killed by the first impact or the second. this is a real story.  happen here in Orlando.
Posted by Finnperkins-
An 18 year old cat named Jack AKA Fuzygenius with its own myspace page, that explains a alot.

A request for Local News WFTV 9, ..”Get back to delivering the news, not BEING the NEWS.”

Jose Baez’s spokesperson said –
WFTV’s Kathi Belich was wrong when she reported this week that Baez “faxed copies of his motion for a change of venue to some reporters before he ever filed it with the court.”
Marti Mackenzie via an email; “Let us know when you plan to retract your report.”
Here is my response –
I posted this on Hal’s blog.
So if WFTV is not making a retraction regarding the assertions that Kathi Belich made during her broadcast, indicating that a copy of the motion filed, had been fax over to media prior to Mr. Baez arriving at the offices of the Orange County Clerk of the Courts House, in which he filed the motion for change of venue.  Have we heard any follow-up or noticed if the “Motion” was posted on the web yet.
It is odd that such a KEY offering from Kathi Belich, would not be followed up with “first here on ch9, the copy of the faxed Motion”, prior to the clerks date/certification.
I realize the ink is already dry on the new three-year contract between Belich and WFTV, but let us get back to reality.  WFTV you are a local ABC news affiliate, not a local reality production house.
Get back to delivering the news, not BEING the NEWS.

Some prefer to use insults toward Casey’s attorneys to affirm their opinion, “that Casey is guilty”…I think otherwise.

Some prefer to use insults toward Casey’s attorneys to affirm their opinion, “that Casey is guilty”…I think otherwise.

Orlando Sentinel TV Guy’s Hal Boedeker’s blog noted that the trial might be head out of the area; below is an example of comments.


Someone listed the top ten reasons why Jose wanted the trial moved to Miami.

TOP TEN REASONS BOZO Baez wants trial moved to MIAMI …Here was the number one reason, Too funny-#1 BOZO thinks Kathi Belich doesn’t KNOW “WHERE” Miami is.

Posted by: Karen Lee – “This is amusing but is it really a valid to hate the attorney.  I thought it show ignorance on the part of the writer.”


I had stated this on Orlando Sentinel’s TV Guy, Hal Boedeker’s blog, after another person used insults to infer that my opinion was baseless and that I was an idiot…

           I still find it funny that most of people who want to convince me that Casey is guilty, prefer to use insults toward her attorneys to affirm their opinion that Casey is guilty. I have yet to read an original opinion, not based on mainstream media topics, to offer anything of your own thought [copy & pasting info doesn’t count] to sway me believe otherwise”

The same person replied again, but this time, the blogger must have gotten my point, as they sent me this:
Distain replies: (no mention of Baez) Decomp found in Casey’s trunk (not someone else’s trunk), hair follicle with death band on found in the same trunk, hair identified through DNA as definitively belonging to a member of the Anthony family, Caylee is the only Anthony found dead.
How does hair with death band from dead child end up in trunk of Casey’s car if dead child was never in trunk post mortem? Smell of death confirmed by FBI via air sample testing & LE experience to be distinctly that of a decomposing dead body. Anthony’s claim odor to be that of rotting pizza – FBI found no pizza or meat biproducts in trash or trunk only an empty pizza box. Cadaver dogs hit on trunk, but have never hit on rotting pizza. Air tests from Casey’s car show human decomposition.
Casey acting alone abandoned her car in parking lot at the Amscot. Tony Lazzaro picked up Casey because she claimed to have run out of gas which was later driven away with close to ½ tank of gas by George Anthony. There were no mechanical defects LE found with the car yet Casey abandon the car with gas and fully operational.
  • Why did she leave the car if it was drivable especially when she was supposedly “searching” for her daughter and the nanny.
  • Why did she need Tony to pick her up? She could have easily driven herself to Tony’s. Casey never went back for her car and never reported the car missing, lied to friends about where it was any never reported mechanical issues to anyone.
  • Why would a mother of a missing child not seek a mechanic to have her car fixed if she needed the car to search?
 High levels of chloroform found in Casey’s trunk. Has the same high levels of chloroform ever been found in anyone else’s trunk where there was never a dead body? Internet searches on Anthony computer during work days when Casey could be using the computer. Searches related to killing someone with chloroform, neck breaking, homemade weapons and shovel just a few months before Caylee winds up missing and dead by homicide. Does anyone else have these kind of searches on their computer who isn’t writing a school paper or doing work research and has a child wind up dead shortly after? There was also a search of the nanny bduction issue of the show One Tree Hill on the Anthony computer shortly before Caylee’s disappearance and the actress who played the nanny mirrors the description Casey provided LE of Zenaida.
Casey never told anyone that Caylee was missing and suspected she’d be kidnapped. She did not even mention anything odd or out of sorts in her diary. Why would a parent conceal the kidnapping of their only child and go on daily afterward business as usual? Where are the frantic calls on her phone, pleading texts to Zanny or any calls for that matter to the Nanny after Caylee went missing? Casey’s phone records prove she had plenty of time to text and call everyone else except the women she believed stole her child, why?
Does anyone else in US history have a dead child who has been stolen by a living, breathing human they can’t identify or find, that no form of technology has been able to locate, that no human being other than the mother has ever seen or met, can’t be proven ever existed?
How reasonable is it that a person, who historically sends 12,000 text messages a month has no phone record of EVER sending a single text message or making one phone call to the nanny that supposedly regularly care for her child? What are the odds that a mother with a dead child and no job has use for a nanny? When was the child with this so called “nanny”? Was Caylee ever unaccounted for during the times she was supposed to be with the nanny? If Caylee was being watched by this nanny then she wasn’t with anyone else. Can anyone show these unaccounted for times? How many cases have been reported in the US of a mother not contacting police or telling another living human being to include siblings, family, best friends or your diary that your child has been kidnapped and missing for over a month?
 How many people in the history of time have spent their time after their only child went missing going to bars and lingerie parties, peeing in parking lots, posting drunken photos of themselves on the internet, kissing women, sleeping with various men, stealing checks and credit cards from family and friends, buying food and alcohol for their boyfriend, but never making a single purchase for their missing child? What are the odds of this type of irrational behavior from a mother when complete strangers make memorials for children they never met? Casey originally claimed she last saw Caylee on June 9th, so how was Caylee photographed on her great grandfather’s lap on July 14th, Father’s Day?
  • How many people hyperventilate once they hear the body of child was found in a location only later confirmed was actually her daughter and completely dismiss when other reporting’s of possible remains are found in other parts of the county?
  • How many people get released from jail twice and don’t spend a moment of their time looking for their missing child, but have grave concerns about what their boyfriend is doing and thinking?
  • How many children are killed by a babysitter in a different location with items found from the mother’s home when that person has never been to that home?
  • How does a sticker on duct tape covering the child’s mouth have the backing from the same sticker still located inside the home of the mother?
 If anyone else killed this child wouldn’t the backing be in the trash or where the killer had last been? What are the odds it would be in the home of a completely innocent person?
Posted by: Distain for CMA | May 07, 2009 at 11:40 AM


I think I might agree, now that there is clarity in the rhetoric.  It also allows the reader understand how they arrived at their opinion.

Tony Pipitone asked: Can an impartial jury could be found elsewhere in Florida? what a waste of bandwith…and Kilobytes too.

Tony Pipitone asked, “… can an impartial jury could be found elsewhere in Florida?  What a waste of bandwidth and Kilobytes.
Below is the usual type of blog chatter regarding Casey Anthony case.  This is an example of one person who disagreed with the majority….  His name is John,  the replies he received. 21 responses at last count, this one was short and to the point, but a not a valid rebuttal. John only relief came when my name was brought up in another post I did tonight.
“she has almost single-handedly destroyed any chance of miss Anthony having a fair trial not just in Florida but anywhere in the country. it is nice to know that one woman’s opinion can condemn a person to death or life imprisonment…  I personally feel that miss grace crossed a line and should be fired by fueling a fire just to be on a bandwagon. a woman’s life hangs in the balance. only in America could someone like miss grace get away with what she has caused. Miss Anthony had already been tried and convicted before her first month. thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.  Trust me; I don’t mind taking her side and all of the balderdash that comes with it.
Posted by: john gXXXXXXXX | May 06, 2009 at 11:52 AM
He received this reply from another blogger…
Your post just shows what an idiot you are John.
Posted by: XXX | May 06, 2009 at 12:26 PM

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Orlando Sentinel – Click here ~ ……….. ~ a chance to win $100.





What’s up with this link. 

I think the Orlando Sentinel has lost sight of it’s own sentinel…

take a look at this link I found this on their web site to day.

I de-activated this link but the link was on this page id    ~6121189.story


Click here for Casey Anthony’s photobucket album and a chance to win $100.

Q = “how long does it take to reverse the tide of public opinion” ?



A = “8 mos.   3 days 15 hrs  32 sec.”


 in response to this post on Hal’s Blog –

Casey Anthony: WESH lists four reasons she might be acquitted

Well Hal, I am still not convinced that either stations, WESH or WKMG-Tony Pipitone, are really sincere about their new twist in coverage on this case.

It just goes to show money {adv. dollars}, will dictate what is “news and what is not news worthy”.

Just remember was on this for 8 mos. 3 days 15 hrs & 32 sec. When I posted my first Opinion on my own blog site </a> I guess some one woke up, and said well I think after the Terence Lenamon Op-Ed in O-Sentinel, I knew I was going to see a tide change, to bad it’s for the wrong reasons.

I guess I should be happy, thankful, and hopeful.<p>–maybe they, WKMG and reporters alike, will have a change of heart one they look at the story the way I have been<p> OBJECTIVELY…Finn




Post Revisions Regarding coverage of the Casey Anthony


  • 24 April, 2009 @ 5:17 [Autosave] by Finn Perkins
  • 29 December, 2008 @ 0:32 by Finn Perkins
  • 29 December, 2008 @ 0:32 by Finn Perkins
  • 29 December, 2008 @ 0:25 by Finn Perkins
  • 4 September, 2008 @ 23:01 by Finn Perkins
  • 21 Ausgust,2008 @  08:10 by Finn Perkins

A motion to exempt, please…. Is this where a gag order might be needed?

I know this will not go over well with the majority, but as usual, I am the odd one out on this overall topic.

The fact that Roy Kronk objects to Ms. Anthony’s defense team having full access to his phone records is something that needs to done, the benefit being it will clear Mr. Kronk of any collusion with the defendant,

— Would out weigh my fear of my phone records offered up, in their entirety. —

As far as Mr. Kronk, his Life, being and open book, well he the state of Florida thank for that issue {Gov. in the Sunshine}.


FYI – the defense attorney is not the one who releases documents and other trial/attorney work product. The documents release so far on Mr. Kronk and many others, is courtesy of the State of Florida Open records law, but the majority of the information on


Mr. Kronk’s, information could have been kept under seal, because his is a material witness in an on going criminal proceeding, therefore the presiding Judge could have rule in favor of the exemption that fits his status in this case.

Judge Strickland over ruled the gag order regarding similar motions filed; and the media, they are the ones feeding information via their wonderful Websites; along with information leaks from the correction facilities officers, who even under the employment guide lines regarding inmate confidentiality [the GoS law does exempt several topics including but not limited to medical unit issues.] The information is still flowing steady out of 33rd street.

I do agree with Mr. Kronk’s attorney, that the motion is to broad. I think the motions was done to compel Mr. Kronk’s attorney to make and offer of what they are willing to release and therefore narrow down a time line. The defense will hold him [witness], to his call records during direct Q & A, and during cross when the State presents their case.

Regarding the FDLE and the OCSO dept. clearing someone, well look at these to names and tell me why their is not more coverage on them.  

There were three Listings found in various FDLE databases, among them was this person

  •  – Zenaida Gonzalez Nazario [case HCSO 04-074360] whom had a complaint file against them in 2004, HCSO report states an allegation of lewd and lascivious act on a child under 16. by a Zenaida Gonzalez Nazario, the other Name that stood out was
  • -Joanny Nazario, she was question by SA Rodriguez, who responded to a sighting of the missing toddler the thrift store. Joanny Nazario stated that she was familiar with the case from the media, when shown a Crime line color photograph of Anthony.


Here is where it takes a weird turn. The Thrift store manager Joanny and another woman name Zenaida, share the same last name “Nazario”. The Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store records reflects that, Joanny Nazario’s was on duty and operating the cash register on June 22, the day that a lead came in [AClSS Lead # 168], anonymous caller reported at approximately 1033 a.m. hours when they saw a young female inside that resembled Caylee Anthony. Ms. Joanny Nazario does not recall having seen a young female child resembling Caylee Anthony.


The only way Ms. Anthony would know of either person, is if she met them prior to Caylee’s disappearance.  If she had found this Zenaida Name on the internet, the forensic account of her computer would have offer up traces, searches or deleted files. Also not the computer that was in the Anthony home was use by the entire household, not just Ms. Anthony.


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