now and again

Now and Again

I’ve met many a young women in my life
Some are here
And some are gone

I’ve met many of women in my night
Some are gone some are
Still in my life

I’ve loved many of young women in my days
But only one comes into my nights

I think of all of them often
Sometimes too often it seems

They lifted behind a part of them
To be forever in my soul

The beauty they saw, their laughter and stares.
I feel them now and again
Like the first day
They came to be.


wishing every day was sunday

I shake my head and lie awake
All the days worries
Running though
Enough said

Get my self together
Get my breakfast fixed
Looking over my shoulder
My cat just stole the toast

Going to be another
Monday morning,
Wishing every day was Sunday,
A second chance to
Get things right
But it’s only Wednesday
And it’s tougher by the day.

Drove by the old sonic
Lights lit up, except for the R
And now it’s just another dive
Were the folk’s get together and swap?
Stories bought
Old football games and muscle car buys.

When does the time fly
‘Just getting by” isn’t enough
For this old guy

I just shake my head
Worry bought the life I led
Thing said and shouldn’t have said

The tomorrows are borrowed
By yesterdays sorrow
Guess enough said

Going to be another
Monday morning,
Makes three in a row.
Wishing every day was Sunday,
A second chance to
Get things right
But it’s only Wednesday
And it’s tougher by the day.

the way

take apart the heart
that gave you life

hand me your soul
in trade
you ask?

you’ll be closer to the ground
more safe
and warm to be around
breathe less labored
a life less encumbered
make your way

you will soon
i’m not turning you away

I’m showing you the way

[finn perkins 9.018.2004]

many times round the sun

I see
it here
and hear it there
the empty
but full

a life to compare
rooms filled with thoughts
of hopes
the ones we
carry on and feel
happy yet sad
it good to feel good when feeling bad
it’s not an end you know
it’s a beginning
so go, full circle
many times round the sun
wake up every day
with the life
you know.

[finn perkins 9.17.2004]


books line the walls
where intellect and life

the crossroad of
fiction and reality

your desires
are in competition with your soul
on earth is all that you know

read and learn
what you soul

cause all the words
in the world
put Humpty Dumpty
back together
you know..
& love
your life is yours..

[finn perkins 9.19.2004]

I think I’m Hemingway

I think I’m Hemingway
I think I’m in for a ride
then slow
than higher

as far as a man can go

Up to the stars
the water wraps
to greet me

at the heart of the universe
fly over to the other side
til the ride ends
and true
I think I’m Hemingway
I think I’m in for a ride

[finn perkins 9.18.2004]

poets tale

warmest of words,
often quoted and coveted

written by unknown poets
moving to
a rhythm


their sonnets, laments
and other words
form meaning
unknown poets

[finn perkins 9.17.2004}

the writing

the writing
just after 2am
you from

the end
the end
just a prelude
to a new begining

[finn perkins 9.17.2004]

written off the cuff

same old stuff
different day
got nothing much
on my mind
the nights get longer and my
thoughts may wander

street lights
flood a near by store
with beers hang from the ceiling
their reflections
dance across the floor

stories told of
an old gray bearded man
with a walking stick
and a book in hand
a title from
the dusty old shelves
that nobody’s read

the words on the pages say the same old
just a different day
written off the cuff.

[finn perkins 9.16.2004]

unfettered fear

By Finn Perkins 8 27 2004

dropping down
from an unlit
for the one who
left my side
can’t begin
to tell you when
who you are
or why I’m
here, cause it all came together
from one single
uttered sigh

tilt to tables
and ring the bells
close the door
from these living in cells
open up to the wide open
where warmth of forgiveness
fills you, and becomes you

hearts on wire
tip toe across
the meek
go beyond the edge
and reach out
you hand
grab a hold
of the lost
give them back their souls

no one really knows where
the earth ends and meets
only the time can give us
any sense of reality
and a piece of the pie

so, who you are
or why I’m
here, it’s still unclear
seems it all came together
from one single
uttered sigh
and unfettered fear.

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