Why on a normal traffic stop, would a K-9 be brought in, Why didn’t the arrest

take place when the exchange was allegedly witness by the officer.  Did the officer take the stop further after they found out who the driver was.  Is this a form of profiling that goes unnoticed by the authorities because it a business as usual.

Mayoral Candidate’s Son Arrested On Drug Charges

General Election To Be Held Nov. 2

I can wait to see how many forms this story takes. the neat thing about reading from the internet is my adobe acrobat 9 full version allows me to capture everything. so even if this story changes via the FDLE or the media, I will have all their version as a back up. So not to FDLE I hope this arrest went by the book because I’m rooting for the Segal’s.  Please Note I am not a supporter of the Media, which is very well documented in past posts, I am also not a supporter of either mayoral candidate, but i am a supporter of the US and state constitution and that in the past the FDLE and it’s county dept are not always able to follow that fine line between stopping criminal activity,  verses creating criminal activity.

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