I guess posting old sparky on the blog that Judge….

I guess posting old sparky on the blog that Judge Strickland enjoys reading…rubbed the defense team into a fury.

ref- In response to a pretrial motion to have a judge removed from a current preceding of State of Florida vs. C Anthony

I admit reading that post named in the pretrial motion, but the post does not promote toward guilt,  but offers a view of the death penalty from this writers point of view.

I am not posting a link, because I do not want to add to this media vs Casey Anthony saga.

Thinking ahead maybe a good thing to do sometimes -” ruling -303 F.3d 231 vacated a state conviction on grounds…

of the admission of irrelevant, prejudicial evidence.”

link to full citation-

After reading this, I think the State of  Florida  v. Casey Anthony may be as flawed as this case from 1979, overturn in 2002


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