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Lying is Her Specialty- responding to Hanks Posting on TRMS – 7/25

Hey Hank – –
could you please place in the first paragraph somewhere, Heathers name, I thought you were speaking of Rachel til I got to the 3rd paragraph. thanks. otherwise good info.

Your post, I did have to read the whole thing just so I did not get confused over who was lying…
I am not a teacher or anything, just a reader. who was lost during the first and 2nd paragraph due to my mind swirling about trying wrap my head around the idea of who was stated lying.

I do not call out liars, because everyone has their view on things and although Heather is not my choice for reference, I do believe that when stating some one is lying, please cite reference to where, when or what moment or article in which the lie took place. it will help reinforce the nature of your claim.

[taken from above posting– voted against anything sponsored by the Republicans that was actually defeated. She “voted her conscience” only when it didn’t affect the party’s desired result.] this reminds me of Sen. Obama’s claims regarding his voting record. Does FISA ring a bell, the vote on added funding ring abell etc.

gotta run I am headed to sit in on an “We the People Matter meeting here in thorton park, (an enclave of highrise living structures, –known residence to yuppie n.yk’r wannabeeees…. Do we still use the word yuppie?)

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