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room 19 D orange county courthouse

Jack finds a great view of the defendant

Jack's court room closeup

Jack's court room closeup

[2009 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards.]….and last I would like to “Tank” Casey Anthony….

….and last I would like to tank Casey Anthony….for being herself, and finally the community for putting up with our push and shove media mentally that got us here tonight!

Team coverage of the Casey Anthony story has brought two Central Florida TV stations Emmy nominations.

WFTV-Channel 9 was cited for “Caylee Anthony Found.” WESH-Channel 2 was recognized for “The Case Against Casey.”  The two stations are the only nominees in the team coverage category of the 2009 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards.
*** On Camera Talent — Reporter: Bob Kealing of WESH for “Case Against Casey Enterprise Composite.”

Do they really think that community feels the local stations are

*** Feature News Report:

*** Breaking news:

…and other catchy trailers that weave in and out of out daytime and prime time viewing.

The local and cable media is doing exactly what most of them implied the Anthony family of…cashing in on Caylee Marie.

I wonder if the new arena will be done in time for Dec. 5, event…

lets face facts here…it’s the only venue that might and I use

the term lightly, that would be ale to contain such egos these anchor people poses.


what do you think… yes there are plenty of bloggers,  but most of the blog sties are not revving

any monetary benefit..Remember awards sometimes come with a bonuses to the person nominated.


p.s to the readers who informed me that i misspelled the word “Thank”, here is my blanket response

[2009 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards.]….and last I would like to “Tank” Casey Anthony….”  tittle was written to be with the word tank  …not thank…]

maybe Kelly Siegler can help the State of FLorida…

” …death row is the typical destination for most of Siegler’s targets.”

Kelly Siegler is known as a giant-killer in Texas, having won high-profile prosecutions against some of the state’s best known, and most highly regarded, defense attorneys. Siegler began her career with the prosecutor’s office in Houston 15 years ago. Since then, her felony conviction rate at trial is 95 percent, and the wins include the convictions of clients of top-flight defense attorneys Richard DeGuerin, Joe Bailey, Stanley Schneider, Mike DeGuerin and George Parnham. She handles only big cases — she’s tried 13 capital murder cases and won death penalty verdicts in 12. [link is an old-best of houston 2008]


She resigned as Assistant district attorney, Harris Co., Texas DA office last year [May 9, 2008]. I wonder what she’s up to now.

Siegler rose to become a leading prosecutor. She has handled more high-profile cases than any other local prosecutor, possibly becoming the best known locally and nationally.

Most recently, she successfully argued to convict former coach David Temple of murdering his pregnant wife, Belinda, a Katy school teacher.

In 2004, she brought a bed before the jury to personally demonstrate how defendant Susan Wright butchered her husband by stabbing him 193 times.

After eight days of testimony, Siegler has the last word:

“What you’re left with is the word of Susan Lucille Wright, the word of a card-carrying, obvious, no doubt about it, caught red-handed, confirmed, documented liar.”

Now, it’s up to the jury to decide, and just as Siegler had feared, jurors have trouble seeing Susan as a murderer. But it’s hard for them to forget the blood-soaked bed, and they had it reassembled when they deliberated.

Two days later, they reached a verdict: guilty.

How much is a guilty verdict worth to the State of Florida? Maybe they can have the Pontiac Sunbird brought into the court room. Maybe a field trip to the site where the remains were found, even though the area has been totally gutted of any form of familiar foliage that was their when the 911 calls from Mr. Kronk came in ..3 of them, cleared with in-days of the remains being found.  Will the impact of standing in the area devoid of the trash and foliage be enough to influence the jury?

I think Ms. Lyon is a great choice, but Ms. Siegler has the appeal to both the jury,  the media, and the viewers.

Casey Anthony case: Microphones in courtroom left “ON” , allowing the news media to hear the grand jury’s secret proceedings

Hey Sheriff Jerry Demings, here is your leak…  (Ref to-Oct 14, 2008 5:15:14 PM)  Will you be backing up your words with actions?

Hey did you know that, microphones in the courtroom were left open, allowing the news media to hear the grand jury’s secret proceedings.  Sentinel reporter, Sarah Lundy, alert the state attorney’s office.  Although Tony Pipitone state new6 was first to offer this alert, it is not true.

Ms. Lundy was the first to inform the state attorney.  Many bloggers feel I have been harsh on the media, and easy on the Anthony family.

I have been pushing the rights of the defendant because the state is unable to assure me that they are able to carry out blind justice.  I think the State attorneys’ and the courtroom officials should be sanction for this.  A mistake or not, the incident was overlooked.  Could this

Be the key to unlock the defendant cell door.  I have said repeatedly, the media coverage is bias, in favor of the state of Florida.  Do the media have cheat sheets, one that has allowed blatant assertions in there reports, without restrictive recourse by the state…?  Knowing something, they normally would not know had the microphones been off prior to the grand jury hearing, because normally this is privilege information. 

On the other hand, it will be use as the key to allow for an appeal, or even overturning any unfavorable verdict a defendant, who is before the court due to the grand jury session in question.

“Is that the best rebuttal you have?, that I misspelled a word!” responding to Txx

“oh and by the way genius, it’s cynicism, not Sinicism….lmao”.   

Above was Posted by: Txx on Hal's Blog 

Is that the best rebuttal you have, a misspelled a word.  I was in the middle of a seeking all sides and the length marked components of a triangle, trigonometric function called.” modeling periodic phenomena.”  The results were printing, mean while, I was reading the Hal’s Blog, when oops, a slip of the middle finger hit the “S” key in stead of the “C” key, the rest, it’s infamous thanks to you pointing it out my in ability to type 318 words, one of which was misspelled.  I guess I will stick to modeling periodic phenomena for now [note to self, turn off computer before doing research charts].

Response to another GretaWire article…I got stop clicking in on her blog…but she’s good :-)

GretaWire Article “Caylee Anthony: Don’t be surprised by this !” – click for article

Blogs remind of a time when we had party-line telephones, every one talking, but not about the same thing, and then who you originally called ends up talking to another and so do you sort of, then at the end everyone says good-bye… just reminising, you know being 2009 and ll…lol

Any way Back on topic, I think the next person who may need (an attorney), immunity, would be Lenard Padilla, from a statement he (L Padilla) made, – “Yeah Dominic called me on the 15th and said you gotta get up here we found Caylee”.

… he made additional replies to Hoover, and so on. [read link on wftv 9 Orlando new site.]

just and FYI

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