Are we treating female and male genders equally in Reporting, Commentary, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising?

these days, hard to find it”

As much as I enjoy reading the Orlando Sentinel, two things have gotten the hair on my neck up on edge.

1. Adding color to the front of each section.  a waste I say, then they raise the price of the stand prices.

2. I think this link is another form of exploiting a defendant, placing both the Casey’s name with these magazines because of the photos that the state released from nights out in downtown Orlando. 

                2b. but it also promotes soft porn

3. Anther form company making money from this tragedy [Caylee  Anthony]

Click for Casey Anthony photos, Maxim’s hottest women and Playboy athletes.

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 I posted a PDF Copy of the Orlando Sentinel Page., just incase the page is updated I removed original link because I did not want to promote a direct link.




1. stop reading the Internet version of the Orlando Sentinel.
2. stop reading both the stand copy and the internet version.
3. asked that the Newpaper take notice that some of their readership
       are woman,  who do not like to be exploited.

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