Save One BIg company, at the cost of losing 3o+ others…it’s not good: President Obama, retooling his statement right before my eyes (and ears), on TV

Save One BIg company, lose 3o+'s not good: President Obama,
retooling his statement right before my eyes (and ears), on TV 

60 days and a substantial portion of the stimulus fund that went
to stricken auto makers General Motors Corp. (GM), Chrysler
LLC and GMAC LLC, the auto-lending arm of GM, as part
of the US$700 billion Troubled Asset Relief (TARP) program
in the United States. 

So it Bush's fault, he, President Obama is now doing this speech, how
are we going to teach our children to take responsibility,
when our President does not own his own decisions, we was
a senator, in assented that was in majority at the time President
Bush was considering this move.
I guess Sen. Obama, was too busy passing out the Kool-aid.
Remember the private directors are the same group they
just took the names and moved them around on paper.


So we save GM, but what about their vendors, $32 billion

how many more bankruptcy

will update more tonight 6.01., 2009

my BMW 325is, 2,100 USD still my favorite


my BMW 325is,  2,100 USD still my favorite date on a friday, still my favorite ride to work, when I do leave the house.. and my favorite gas sipping, no double dipping automobile.


it’s seems in order to maintain a consistant and viable existance in Orlando, one must have a vehicle. the make and model are moot at this point, meaning three weeks into, ” I’m going to use the Lynx bus and be eco-pro”, I am not over it !and I am throwing my pass under the bus, if there room left, after this past election year everyone who has said an unkind word about Senator Obama is under the Left wheel and anything said in passing, but loud enough for Senator McCain to hear, is under the right wheel. As far as Palin and Biden well there seems to be some non-supports hanging on to the muffler.the GAS MILEAGE on my 325is is 38 mpg hi-way and 27 city.
ALSO HAVE BRAND NEW CLUTCH..bought just for progressive measure, meaning no clutch no progress.. 
My little car that went as far as it could in 2nd, is now getting the tune up of it young life. should be back in my driveway by thrusday.…watch out Danica Patrick I’ll be back on the streets by Halloween. scarey

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