ABC chose Martin Bashir, to narrate the impromptu documentary….[hypocrisy is alive and well at ABC,]

as he anchors their impromptu documentary on the life
and earth of Michael Jackson.  It seems they left out the
other side of the issue.  Mr. Martin Bashir was nobody
until the Michael Jackson story.

America, crown him the prince of pop, then ascended to the king of rock.
Year not other country, whether a ceremonially crown or not,
No other country would turn it back on their beloved citizen,
as they did with Michael Jackson.

At the risk of sounding like a bleeding heart liberal, I have to say
Mr. Jackson was troubled, and yet no one in his camp stepped
up, family, friends, or advisors…

my last word on this is, the Media again uses Michael Jackson
to see rating,   I have seen everything, and I can honestly day hypocrisy
is alive  and well at ABC, what is sad is this guy knw that
his fate on this day would be just as it is playing out.


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