Gray Matters: Thoughts Inspired by Casey Anthony – Op-Ed By: Cathy DeBouno

Tue, 2012-01-31 15:01
Gray Matters: Thoughts Inspired by Casey Anthony – Op-Ed Part I
By: Cathy DeBuono MFT

This is one of the most objective op-ed’ I’ve read on this case.


Response to another GretaWire article…I got stop clicking in on her blog…but she’s good :-)

GretaWire Article “Caylee Anthony: Don’t be surprised by this !” – click for article

Blogs remind of a time when we had party-line telephones, every one talking, but not about the same thing, and then who you originally called ends up talking to another and so do you sort of, then at the end everyone says good-bye… just reminising, you know being 2009 and ll…lol

Any way Back on topic, I think the next person who may need (an attorney), immunity, would be Lenard Padilla, from a statement he (L Padilla) made, – “Yeah Dominic called me on the 15th and said you gotta get up here we found Caylee”.

… he made additional replies to Hoover, and so on. [read link on wftv 9 Orlando new site.]

just and FYI

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