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Hey an UPDATE-

T0 Finn

HAL’S NOTE: Here’s Tony Pipitone’s response:

Jack Kirschenbaum was mistakenly listed by the clerk on the website as a defense attorney when, in fact, he just intervened in the case on WKMG’s behalf (as did the Sentinel’s attorney and other media attorneys for their respective clients) when there was a motion by the state for a gag order.

Yes, it must be tough to cover a story so many times,
you could probably write it in your sleep.  I notice that
the addition of Andrea  Lyons, but no story on Jack Kirschenbaum 
I see that Jack Kirschenbaum is not on Ms. Anthony’s attorney
list per the Orange Co. Clerks online database.

Hey Tony can you give us a hint as to why WKMG did
not run with a story on Mr. Jack Kirschenbaum, oh wait
is it because of Mr. Kirschenbaum’s ties to WKMG
and You (Tony).

Being at the mercy of your assignment, does that include
evading the obvious? I know anyone who resides in Orlando
knows WKMG’s ties with Jack Kirschenbaum. As much,
fuss over that dam 80 boxes of papers, the Post-Newsweek
Stations Orlando, Inc.D/B/A WKMG V. Douglas Guetzloe case.

A quote from the case printed in the Orlando Sentinel,
Ludmilla Lelis September 26, 2007 –

“Judges ponder core legal issues in Guetzloe case” – It comes down to right to privacy vs. freedom of the press, they say.  And their answer could take a while.– Kirschenbaum said there is no evidence the station wants to broadcast medical information. However, the decision on such material should lie with an editor and not with a judge, he said.

I mention Jack Kirschenbaum I comment on these two-

1] Blog topic –
 “Casey Anthony: WKMG asks if she can get fair trial in Florida cities” Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel Blog
[finnperkins | May 04, 2009 at 04:20 PM   ]

2] Blog topic-
“Casey Anthony: WKMG asks if impartial jury can be found in Florida” Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel Blog
[finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 08:41 PM  ]


Therefore, Tony, it is your turn to offer up Mr. Jack Kirschenbaum’s
short-lived association to this case. That is your assignment, should
you choose to take it, I for one will even spend 3 round Washington’s
on a print edition. Until then I will be hanging here awaiting a heads
up from Hal, who is always the one to follow, because he follows
you (the media).

Originally comment  on this blog topic-
Casey Anthony: What WKMG’s Tony Pipitone adds to the story
Posted by finnperkins  Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel Blog

Death penalty: What other’s are Thinking

Posted by: Gxxxx | May 31, 2009 at 07:02 AM


    I must say that I agree with the defense on the matter of the death penalty. There is something seriously wrong with the prosecution in the fact that they had waived the death penalty and then reinstated it. I know that this was done after the Caylee’s body was found, but Casey was already charged with 1st degree murder.

I have not yet seen one piece of evidence that ties her to the site where Caylee was found besides garbage bags, duct tape and a laundry bag. These are all very common household items that you will find in almost all houses. One thing that really makes me wonder is the laundry bag. This type of a household item you would think would be so easily linked to that home.

I say this due to the fact that it’s a cloth laundry bag that would hold an enormous amount of fibers, possible hair from other family members, etc. I find it hard to believe that if this basket did come from the Anthony house they have not found any evidence of fibers that could be linked to clothes from inside that house. I am also very much confused as to it taking them as long as they did to find Caylee’s body. This if anything will be the reason Casey walks.

We all have to be realistic here on this matter. Although we have this mountain of evidence that Casey did something to little Caylee the fact that the area was searched multiple times (Once with cadaver dogs) and several tips came in of possible evidence in a missing child case that were not followed up on correctly is a massive argument for the defense to claim the body was not there at that time. I myself am having a real hard time with this one.

This is especially troubling to me due to the fact that this area was only ¼ of a mile from the Anthony’s home and we all know that if tips were coming in that there was a possible dead child in the woods the authorities would have ripped that woods down tree by tree. Something is seriously wrong with this aspect of the case.

This could definitely put doubt in a jury’s mind as to whether Casey was the one to put the body there. All the evidence points to Casey having a part in whatever happened, but it does not point to pre meditated murder. There is no cause of death, no crime scene, no motive (Unless you want to say she did it to spite her mother or so she can be child free) and once again we have this long period of time before they found the body when it was almost in the Anthony’s back yard.

I really need to see what else the prosecution has because there is many holes in this case that need to be filled before I myself could say this was pre-meditated murder. Casey is definitely guilty of something (But what and to what extent) I wish Casey would just come out with what really happened.

Posted by: Gxxxx | May 31, 2009 at 07:02 AM

So, are you happy now Mr. Ashton? [FYI -“…has never to have lost a death-penalty case.”]

So, are you happy now Mr. Ashton?  Not only is Andrea Lyons qualified, is considered and expert on Capital law and death penalty case law.

In 2005, she received the president’s commendation from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for her death penalty work.

“Professor Lyon has tried over 130 homicide cases. A former Cook County Public Defender in Illinois, she served as chief of the public defender’s homicide task force. In 1990 she founded the Illinois Capital Resource Center and served as its director until joining the University of Michigan Law School faculty in 1995.” The statement added that, “In 2000, she joined DePaul’s faculty and is now the Associate Dean of Clinical Programs.”

 It’s funny I used President Obama as an example..5 degrees of separation is powerful.

Even the President of the US is not DP q under Florida Rule of Crim Pro 3.112.  (Unless there is a void, if it’s the president rule that supersedes the FS 3.112 rule.)

Posted by: finnperkins | May 26, 2009 at 06:49 PM (Hal TV Guy’s blog)

The dp qualified attorney can have a vitae to match President Obama,

but if he or she has not tried a case in the state of Florida, they do not qualify under Florida’s DPQA pre-requisite/law. [Florida Rule of Crim Pro 3.112](759 So.2d 610). Amended July 1, 2002 (820 So.2d 185); Oct. 8, 2008 (993 So.2d 501).

p.s. – I wonder what her nickname will be.

btw- WFTV does not waste time on trying to make Ms. Lyon’s day memorable. “WFTV’s headline -the new attorney …stay tune and see what we dug up on her and what you need to know!”

I bet this was a hard line for Kathi Belich to say -”Lyon has very impressive credentials” and “is said never to have lost a death-penalty case.”

Kathi Belich’s is saying an extra pray tonight, WFTV reporter states Ms. Lyon’s was added to the case but has yet to file the papers and to be approved by the court.  I do not think Judge Strickland will go out of his way to please Ms. Belich this week.

old comment I made regarding WFTV and their bent view of this case-

Casey maybe a liar, a cheat, even a poster child for a 5150 PSA, and last she may even be just an average 22-year-old slacker.

These trait do not add up to some one who could carry out not only the crime it’s self, but to leave no affirmative trace for FBI and local FDLE to confirm without the phrase tagged-
1.      Materials are too limited to fully characterize, they remain suitable for comparison  exam, should suspected sources be located. (Drugs test on hair)
2.      Accumulation of material from different sources collected into the trunk over a period. Because they are intimately mixed, no source of this material can be determined. (Trunk)
3.      Did not originate from crime scene (soil shovel and Casey’s shoes. all of them).
Just to list a few reason why this is not a slam-dunk for the state attorneys office (hello Mr. Ashton)…

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