recognizing when less is more and know when to open that door.

Somewhere between conception to the light of day the transformation of a person to a parent, from the offering of endless loves and protection, from baby shower to graduation… a child becomes a person whose definition can be either blessed or burden by the trapping of right or wrong kinds love.

finnperkins 10.05.2010

Love offered from one to another is never unconditional.  As a parent you may think –“that’s not a true statement”.   I, as you as a child of a parent, offer you one statement that will let you know that when you get to the part in your day, your week, your life when that phrase does become all so true, you need to know it’s ok to feel the way you do, but it’s not ok to place the burden of how you feel on the child, the friend or the person whom your own expectations of them led you to acknowledge that you did place conditions on your ability to accept and love.

Whether conscious or unconsciously that is your issue. Many fight for the right of the unborn, then restrict its rights to live it fate. Hum




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