I’ve been on this float for years

There are days and even weeks in which I live my life like many of my friends and co-workers. When another hate crime or another anti-gay issue is brought to the house floor for a vote, and another in my face I’m gay pride week-end rolls around the corner of my neighborhood


What if starting tomorrow everyone woke up and spoke of others by their name or their profession, and not by their race or gender.  What kind of day would I have if no one asked we where am I originally from, or where was I born, or how long have I been here. Will there be a day when the phase  “the first”  followed by a race or gender indicator be dropped from  introductions.


I’d like to think that I live my life the way I’d like my life to be perceived. I can’t recall the last time I asked someone of their origination of birth. Lately with all of the coverage of the hate crimes toward teens and hazing by their peers seems to the same issues I dealt with in my teens, with-out  the viral YouTube posts, the cable 24/7 repeat broadcast of talking head shows.


My perception is keen and that most of the recent outrage is long overdue. I hope we as a society never get so complacent that the stories of teen suicide become “normal story”.


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