NPR Sacks an analyst over his comments…, it not football. it’s politics.

at what point do we stop censoring op-ed style journalist.
I think his show rans it’s course just like Rick Sanchez
on HLN/CNN .The risk that seems to be the common thread
is the further away we think we are from media bias, the closer
we get to sponsor driven NEWS. NPR should be looking
out for it’s listeners,not for its corporate donors/sponsors.

Should we shut down all the news outlets/affiliates that re-ran
the “tape” of Juan, and his statement because  it’s not as offensive
second and third hand.  It’s safe to say that we’re all adults here,
and know the statement was not offered in Malice as much
as in example of how we as nation have been told to consider
the “race” of a person is who we should fear and not terrorist
extremist groups as a whole.

Should he have been fired No. Should He apologize?,If what
he said is truly what he feels no. If was a lapse in judgement
than a simple reiteration should’ve been fine.most listeners
of NPR are educated enough to know that a pundit is usually
offering their opinion and not of the station/affiliate
broadcasting their show or segment.

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