I’m Worth Fighting For :-)







A Day

In a life










To begin to tell

The story

Of a life lived

Beyond my years

Now I am the year of my birth

A continuum of goals

set to time

Taking up space

In a place

That can not

Take back

Days of what ifs

Nights of might have beens

Release my heart from

The string you call a fling

Fleeting and entrenched

Are what becomes of

And what should

That has yet to tire of


The now

Is where I am

And who I am to you

Is now

Tie my heart to this

string you call a lifeline

And forever I will be


To offer

To define

To be in-kind

A continuum of stories

set in time

A space

A place

That can not

Take back

Days of what ifs

Nights of might have beens

⁃ Sincerely


gasoline and matches



When everyday should be a Saturday



Solids vs. Liquids

How can i convey
My true intent

When daily

I am out witted by your beguiling liquid

Bitter taste

Day in
Day out
Afternoon delight

Love in spite
Of love



Leaving me to question
My true existence
My true intent


Day in
Day out


The Lost, The Found


Can’t sleep
Gotten in too deep
Can’t stop
music got me flying
Won’t stop
Its bigger than the both of us
Middle of four
And I just can’t sleep
Gotten in too deep
Your love has me flying
Middle of the floor
Up against the wall
Heading for the fall
Just can’t sleep
Can’t sleep
Gotten in too deep
Can’t stop
music got me flying
Won’t stop
Its bigger than the both of us
Middle of four
And I just can’t sleep
Gotten in too deep
Your love has me flying

[finnperkins 18.10.16]  [rob Thomas remix trust Mack Jett set vega]

Healthy when wet.

Day Tripping
Day Drinking
Tripping out of my mind,
An out of my life,
Staring into the eye of the storm
Riding the outer bands of wind
Letting the rain rinse away the layers
That build up day to day.
I give way to the tropical depression that
Scours my surface, clouding my inability
To overcome, to level out.
Back to the water. Where I came from, and that’s where I should be… set my self free

It’s not about you




intrinsic matter (work in progress )

“You, don’t matter”

There are many phrases that can be presented to you daily; there is only one phrase that will hit you, as if a mountain fell upon you

Many days can go by without consequences
Many interactions have been put to science, but none have a finite view.

There are times when you take the two definition and conscience,  put them together and come up with something that is called a relationship

This is not the case

This is a summary of something that was greater than the number of two

but somehow it came down only to the number one

If only the phrase didn’t exist
if only the phrase never came to light
the idea that someone with a single thought, gave it life…

The ideas something did not matter

the idea that someone did not matter

I  could not wrap my head around

The void of someone

So here I sit wondering why
So here I sit wondering how

Wondering how this happen
the idea of a that phase,  having life.

so immense
so big
so intense
That the phase could take over
and become of
That of which I it could not define

The segment of time
That if left alone could have become more than just a speck of time

A spark delightful remedies

someone who normally would go through
Their entirety everything not only mattered
But would actually feel affected, motivated and changed

Oh just a phrase in time to move that it would be put to a rhyme…

Standing on Capitol hill, Wearing our hearts on our sleeves, {Is capitol hill over using the wrong L word}

[photo credit Source: Orange County Property Appraiser, Pictometry International, law enforcement, Google Earth and staff reports. The Washington Post 2016.

The word LOVE is overused. A proactive stance is needed. To think I was one-week-end away from being in the right spot at the wrong time is life stopping.
We need to use more of the other L words…. Legislation and Laws. push for Officers of the court to officiate and enforce both the existing laws and draft up new laws that will include consequences to merchants of 21st century marketplace.
I realize we cannot become a policed state, but we sure can become a Pro-active. We learn daily that being REACTIVE is “199 deaths too late” (from 1966 to present day mass-incidents.
Right let’s not given to fear.
I ask that we STOP fueling the fires filled with empty promises. Let’s put out the embers of those empty words, find the gather the good left from the dust and ashes of these massacres, and place them in a BILL, and send it to capitol hill.
Ask for mandatory physicals, that are document via a physician’s affidavit.
A Yearly renewal on gun licensing.
Require gun insurance. just like our DMV registration process (using state of florida as my example) No insurance, Means No driver’s license, No Renewal.

Once the paperwork trail is deviated, the state will issue a bench warrant for violators.
Violation would warrant, A new physician’s affidavit. along with a In-Home visit.
P.S. it’s harder to adopted a Kitten from the SPCA than it is to buy an assault rifle.

Useful Stats A MUST READ

The math of mass shootings By Bonnie Berkowitz, Lazaro Gamio, Denise Lu, Kevin Uhrmacher and Todd Lindeman Updated June 13, 2016





New day
One day

Soon enough
You will see me
Afternoon Rain
Yesterday’s dream
You will see me

I was set free
The day we spoke
I can see you
I don’t want to be you
I just want to free you

First day of the year
Everyday there after
You will see me

Hand in my hand
Stand still in time
Love of this space

Love this time

Soon enough
You will see me

You are set free
The day we spoke

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