Nutshell hypocrisy: you want my money, I can’t have my rights….hum DeVos your a twit

An overview of DeVos’ political activism in the past reveals an anti-gay agenda. DeVos notoriously gave $100,000 to a group called “Florida For Marriage” in 2008 which helped them to pass Amendment 2 – the anti-gay “definition of marriage” bill in Florida which prevents LGBT persons from even obtaining a civil union. Virtually all of his hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds have gone to conservative Republicans in the past.

To all our Veteran “Patiently bore Our Nations causes on there shoulders…. This ones for you.”

Veterans day 2009

To all our Veterans – Upright and just in a soldiers way, loyal and true through all your days. Silently suffered, patiently bore Our nations causes on there shoulders…. This day is yours.

U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77 at 04:01 AM EDT

U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77 at 04:01 AM EDT

Although I am a republican, I know a great humanitarian when I meet one. Teddy Kennedy is a tired and true, he gave to public service like no other I’ve known in past and maybe future. Godspeed to the family.

Shephard Fairey + Finn Perkins = Obamicon

The longest election season in memory is now over, but the art remains, became his claim to fame,  Shephard Fairey vector art is cool.  Some have called it copy cat, even filed a lawsuit, but in the end, this has become bigger than even Fairly imagined.  Like Oprah, his friend, it seemed anything, then Sen. Obama touched, became golden.





pop art, new graffiti Art, icon art, commerical art , whatever you label it it is big business now.  I do not think we’ll see a  Roy Lichtenstein or a Andy Warhol Icon maker site, like this one here, Obamicon & PasteMedia Group.  who knows.

IMO one of the best decisions President GHW Bush made in 1990 was . .


Justice David Hackett Souter nomination , as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, July 1990

Souter,  just after he was sworn in, he said: “The first lesson, simple as it is, is that whatever
court we’re in, whatever we are doing, at the end of our task some human being is going
to be affected. Some human life is going to be changed by what we do. And so we had better
use every power of our minds and our hearts and our beings to get those rulings right.”

Although appointed by a Republican president and thus expected to be conservative,
he sided on more occasions with the most liberal justice.  Souter’s positions on the Court, 
Sununu would have preferred him to be more similar to Justice Antonin Scalia. I am glad he isn’t.

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So is It “Quasi-President” or “President”, what are we teaching our kids, not to mention the 2 Kids who live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Fly on the wall, when this get explained…


First dog of the USA 2009
First dog of the USA 2009


Parents – “ok kids,met your new puppy!  [ -almost used,   -almost a shelter puppy,   -only had this name for a very short time-6 months]

Kids – Can we name him?
Parents Sure!

Kids –  Ok, His name is Bo!
Parents Great!

Kids –  Where did he come from?
Parents –  Well, Bo is a quasi-rescue dog!

Kids –  What is Quasi?
Parents – Because, he was home-less, but not in a shelter.

Why was he homeless?
Parents  – the First family, I mean his first family, I mean the original family that bought him, said he didn’t fit in.

Kids –  Why, is something wrong with him?
Parents  – Oh no, actually he the best  [- a Kennedy can buy], with a month at obedience school and changing his name, he is Perfect.

 Kids –  So, if he’s perfect, why didn’t the first family, I mean the other family want him?
Parents  – Well, to be honest, “uncle Teddy”,  called in a few favors, seems the Bo’s other  family, didn’t pay all their taxes,  the deduction for NAKC was a mistake, they confused it with ASPCA. 
Kids –  Why?
Parents – Because I said so…


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