Solids vs. Liquids

How can i convey
My true intent

When daily

I am out witted by your beguiling liquid

Bitter taste

Day in
Day out
Afternoon delight

Love in spite
Of love



Leaving me to question
My true existence
My true intent


Day in
Day out



Standing on Capitol hill, Wearing our hearts on our sleeves, {Is capitol hill over using the wrong L word}

[photo credit Source: Orange County Property Appraiser, Pictometry International, law enforcement, Google Earth and staff reports. The Washington Post 2016.

The word LOVE is overused. A proactive stance is needed. To think I was one-week-end away from being in the right spot at the wrong time is life stopping.
We need to use more of the other L words…. Legislation and Laws. push for Officers of the court to officiate and enforce both the existing laws and draft up new laws that will include consequences to merchants of 21st century marketplace.
I realize we cannot become a policed state, but we sure can become a Pro-active. We learn daily that being REACTIVE is “199 deaths too late” (from 1966 to present day mass-incidents.
Right let’s not given to fear.
I ask that we STOP fueling the fires filled with empty promises. Let’s put out the embers of those empty words, find the gather the good left from the dust and ashes of these massacres, and place them in a BILL, and send it to capitol hill.
Ask for mandatory physicals, that are document via a physician’s affidavit.
A Yearly renewal on gun licensing.
Require gun insurance. just like our DMV registration process (using state of florida as my example) No insurance, Means No driver’s license, No Renewal.

Once the paperwork trail is deviated, the state will issue a bench warrant for violators.
Violation would warrant, A new physician’s affidavit. along with a In-Home visit.
P.S. it’s harder to adopted a Kitten from the SPCA than it is to buy an assault rifle.

Useful Stats A MUST READ

The math of mass shootings By Bonnie Berkowitz, Lazaro Gamio, Denise Lu, Kevin Uhrmacher and Todd Lindeman Updated June 13, 2016




RxxxFxxxPxxxx; Her definition of “manly” is different than Websters….

and here is Webster’s…

manly (man′lē)
adjective manlier -·lier, manliest -·li·est
      Etymology: ME: see man & -ly
  1. having the qualities generally regarded as those that
    a man should have; virile; strong, brave, resolute,
    honorable, etc.
  2. fit for a man; masculine manly sports
Obsolete in a manly way
Related Forms:
  • manliness man′·li·ness noun

I think this person just wants me to post my photo.
So, as not to disapoint my non-finn fans, here it is…

It seems that over the past 90 days their has been some odd chatter as to who i am. the latest is that I have been label “manly”… [see comment below photo, this from a person in Phillidelphia PA.]

...." We all know who she is as her pic is on her twitter page and trust
me she is not 24... more like 44...and manly built... DOUBLE UGH!
Posted by: RxxxFxxxPxxxx | June 15, 2009 at 08:07 PM
                     Scroll Down ....

remember…MANLY 😉




Manly is an adjective corresponding to manliness,
manhood, or masculinity.


Scroll Down ….








What do you think?


adding text, etc…makes it yours? I do not think so.

So adding text to this photo [],


makes it yours?  I do not think so.

The original photographer or their employer holds the actual copyright to these photographs.  This is just one of a million plus examples on the internet of simple and mindless infringement.  I noticed a lot of parodies and other altered photos of Casey Anthony, and yet most of these folks know their right to use these items is under the open domain act, and do not place any form of copyright emblem or notation, as their work is derived from someone else’s original photograph or video/audio recording.

The internet has greatly enhanced out ability to receive instant interaction, instant gratification and most of all, instant notoriety.

The ability to drag and copy, right click save and other cool techniques have made blogging and other interaction on the internet, easy and effortless, when creating news items to titillate readers and win over our foes.  I find the most interesting is when I re-posted comments that referenced me, directed to me and written about me, met with such disdain and hate.  The very ones who posted these comments disagreed with me.

I read and see their favorite blogs, like cayleedaily and humbleopinion, and wham!,  there it is the “act of re-posting”, the reposts photos and documents that originated from other websites, like the Orlando Sentinel, WFTV, WESH WKMG, and WOFL and many more.

So I am offering this link to clarify my rights as well as theirs, in regards to the Orlando Sentinel Blogs and other related content… the content used, read and reposted

Nut shell version-Orlando Sentinel’s Copyright and Terms of Service

User Content Screening and Removal. You acknowledge that and/or its designees may or may not pre-screen User Content, and shall have the right (but not the obligation), in their sole discretion, to move, remove, block, edit, or refuse any User Content for any reason, including without limitation that such User Content violates these Terms of Service or is otherwise objectionable.

User Content Assumption of Risk. cannot and does not monitor or manage all User Content, and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of User Content. All User Content provided to is the sole responsibility of the person who provided it. This means that you are entirely responsible for all User Content that you provide.  To protect your safety, please use your best judgment when using forums.  We discourage divulging personal phone numbers and addresses or other information that can be used to identify or locate you.

You acknowledge and agree that if you make such disclosures either through posting on any bulletin board, forum, blogspace, message or chat area, or uploading text, images, audio files or other audio-visual content, in classified advertising you place or in other interactive areas, or to third parties in any communication, you do so fully understanding that such information could be used to identify you.

User Content Posting Rules. Any decisions as to whether User Content violates any Posting Rule will be made by in its sole discretion and after we have actual notice of such posting. When you provide User Content, you agree to the following Posting Rules:

Do not provide User Content that:

* contains vulgar, profane, abusive, racist or hateful language or expressions, epithets or slurs, text, photographs or illustrations in poor taste, inflammatory attacks of a personal, racial or religious nature.

* is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual or community.

* “flames” any individual or entity (e.g., sends repeated messages related to another user and/or makes derogatory or offensive comments about another individual), or repeats prior posting of the same message under multiple threads or subjects.


So with this said, and Reposted, I have trackback and.pingback the Orlando Sentinel for this article, so they are informed, and that my intent is not to over step these rules, but to be proactive, and see that the rules are enforced.

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