What is large, Java Black naturally aspirated and weighed 5,512 lbs ….

it’s actually my 2007 Range Rover sport

my sweet “Jennifer Tilley” is sitting idly by as it is awaiting a new set of key transmitters

Short scenario (mind you the vehicle was brought into the dealership because Progressive chose to schedule my insurance adjuster appointment at that dealership because of Covid they were not doing house visits our location visit Surf or I had to meet at an assigned location),

I took my 2007 LR Sport HSE, into a dealership to have the insurance adjuster do a adjustment on a little fender bender or in this case the active suspension, Driver side rear wheel and rear lower fender area had damage along with rear bumper. Claims adjuster would only count for the real one shock a bumper and a repainting of the driver side rear lower fender panel.

Adjuster stated that they could not include any of this suspension items because the service department warranted that my vehicle needed these items due to the age of the vehicle not due to the accident.

Dealership quoted me $12,000 for the suspension and that it would be out of my own pocket

I stayed up until the accident my vehicle is working just fine went to go pick up a pizza and an Uber driver backed into my vehicle while it was parked deeming my vehicle stuck in the low access mode

Due to the suspension being stuck in Acess mode I had it towed into the dealership for this process and then towed home.

When the dealership was done with the vehicle they brought it up to the portico vehicle was running I took the vehicle parked it up front left it running called the tow truck company, I pulled a vehicle around to the side where the tow truck company could then load the vehicle.

The Tow truck operator place the vehicle neutral placed it up on the flatbed. Tow truck driver turn the vehicle off. Flatbed truck arrived at my driveway, check operator place vehicle in neutral rolled off my vehicle into my carport. A bit off centered but hey what it was back home safe.

When I retrieve the keys out of my vehicle I noticed that the fob is in two pieces and the reason why it was together was because it was hooked on the key ring. Attractive circuit board was not in the (KFT), key Fob transmitter; as to the reason why the driver was unable to turn on the vehicle and parked straightaway in my driveway.

Contacted dealership they had no idea what to place did not own up to the fact that the key fob was taken apart by one of their employees. After several visits several go rounds in several tow truck drop offs to their dealership and back four to be exact which means eight tow truck trips in total I am still in the same position of not having a set of keys for this vehicle is basically a giant paperweight at this point.

Does shorten the go around on this I’ve gone through all kinds of different message to figure out how in the world I’m gonna get a set of keys for this vehicle the most obvious of course was going through the dealership dealership would not get me a set of fobs finally when they did they gave me a used fob that had been assigned to another VIN number.

The GM of the store and unknowing how to spell his last name I will just call him by his first name Bruce; he stated that the fob was just fine, it had not been synced to any-one vehicle; at this point that I was to remove the existing blade from the fob, which belong to the other vehicle.

Which leads me to this post. Needless to say the fob did not sync with my vehicle causing my vehicle to go in total lockdown and now I am unable to have a set of keys for my vehicle now the dealership says I need a new CJB along with two new fobs and I am responsible for paying for this really should I have to pay for this mistake?

I stated to the general manager that this mistake was on them.

I live in Sarasota Florida

I realize there are other Land Rover dealerships that I may be able to deal with but I also know that dealerships tend to stick together when it comes to service and not wanting to work on somebody else’s mess up any input please


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