2020 today 1976 yesterday

This song reminded me of how I felt 1976 without even trying

I pretty much lived in every city or state that had some connection to civil rights movement.

From the South shores of Texas, the hollers of West Virginia all the way through to the bay area Mobile Alabama and all the little places in between and some not, the fine line allows very little variance between right and wrong black and white.

Sadly I do not see much difference between the first day of school in 1976 at Cherokee junior high to the day I wake up and watch the news on my cable networks we’ve got one station gaslighting while the other one is trying to put out the fire and vice a versa we need to do is just stop standstill listen to each other breathe and realize that’s why were here we all breathe the same.

Wilder Adkins Side by side


I cannot feel your pain, I can only align with you in peace and unity, with the same resolution, one injured is one too many

“Acknowledge what your past could not.

May our lives move forward with a heaviest heart,

that the steps we make in our future will weigh

us down in our conscience, an that belief that

all are created equal and that we all own

the actions of one another. ”

[_ finnperkins 06.05.2020]

Den. Kama Harris D-CA

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