Situational empathy

How do say I understand

I lived a privilege life

Born of an unknown mother

Raised by a Jewish Mother

and a passive Protestant father

Given much

Yet the feeling of emptiness

and loss prevalent

and knowing that lived

on borrowed time,

Left me with survivors guilt

and sarcasm scribbled in bits n bytes

viewed by thirty thousand minds

Whose thoughts were in-kind

Nothing vague left

between the lines

The words in times

They will be found

And once read

Will open the mind

To know

I as well as you

Have lived a life

Of similarity

Just in different Hues

Varied expectations

Dreams short of breathe

Overwhelming Reality

Ever looming questions

Of why, and if

Purpose and contentment

Will ever agree enough

To leave me at peace


Not being more

Proactive toward

The injustice

All because

It’s hard for

You to think

I can not understand

As I am not you

I am me



Most of all


[finnperkins 15 Jan 2019]

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