Just another date on the calendar

I guess I’m not good at overlooking the flaws of my parents. I spent my entire existence with two parent who were in denial of not only their flaws in their relationship, but also their inability to connect with their children.

Thankfully (even with Aspergers), I consider myself be self-sufficient , have a good self-esteem and most if all compassion.

When the special holiday(s), come around, I can not bring myself to celebrate such days.
I am who I am based on my choices and endeavors. I am only thankful for the paid air fair that got me across the pacific. I learned a lot from them by doing the exact opposite.

I know a lot of my peers feel similar, but are never able to break away from that sick obligation that we as children should honor thy father and mother. This may read harsh, yet it’s as true as I am standing on the beginning of this bright sunny day.

It’s compassion that keeps me here day in and day out to deal with their inability to face and deal with their aging.

I do not have happy stories of either parent. I wish I did. I grew up watching the Walton’s, Apples way, Eights enough etc., and that how I learned about what I wanted in my life. The kind of people to keep and the ones I have no clear reason to keep.

I had to vent now because the sentimental Father’s Day crap is going to be plastered everywhere. Expect on this page.

Grace/Peace Finn


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