How did I get here
What precipitated this reality
I see it
Feel it
Touch it
Will I recognize it
Would I understand it

What was it
That got me this far
Only to fall
To trip
Throw out
My conscience
Living against the wind
Standing still
As the tide rolls in

I will not chase it
I cannot embrace it
Would I leave it
Now that it’s here before me

And alone
Walk Till the moonlight fades
into daylight

Left in
Awakened by the known
who stands before me

This town
My town
Changed me, yes it has

Breathe in
Breathe out
Accept the given
Nurture the known

How Did i get here
Is it because
I’ve grown
Into it
Or it grown into me
This town I call home


Hug and a prayer. Building my life one friend at a time

It’s larger than you can imagine. The space a friendship can occupy. It spans beyond time, borders and logic. It’s a love affair of the soul. A Paradigm, a level that you can only reach through unmatched certainty, trust , few have known. My Friendships do define me. friends

Threads, no strings, only tomorrow,

Spending time
Learning bout
How it’smore than
My eyes see
That makes you
who you are


Everybody’s living with all their yesterdays

I’m just looking toward
Every day


tomorrow Growing
Letting go
No more sorrow

Can it be enough
For you
To know
You’re everything
You are despite,
Your yesterdays
You’re everything
Because your tomorrows
Will be your yesterdays

It’s enough for me
It’s everything

our tomorrows
inspite of our yesterdays
We’ll realize spending time
Is learning
Reaching out
Letting go

It makes us who we are today

Spending time
Learning bout
How its more than
My eyes see
That makes you
who you are


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