fine true love

I’ve been moving along at the speed of light
stopping only for hope and water
looking for nothing
praying for something
send me a sign

I’ve been looking forward too long
and yet nothing seems to fit
that’s when I know every thing is wrong

so take a step back, hold on tight
never knowing if what you see is what you get
let me try and understand
that all you want is love
love is everywhere
so why has it taken you so long
to see

if it’s fine true love
it’s right in front of you with every word you speak
I’ve already heard them
with just one look from you
I already felt it

just let me in let me know
It’s so easy to say no
when your heart is saying yes.

if it’s a sad song you want, then stay sad,
if it’s fine true love
it’s already here.


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