Set me free

the keys on this old box
haunting me with those old melodies of days long gone
Days hard lived

the words float in
Streaming through
This tired soul
Wonder if you’ll know where my old spirit will go
When the time
Hits you and it will
And with a stroke of a pen
It takes you back to me
Sitting beside you
It’s like you never left
Let those words guide you
And know I always missed you
When the sun went down

Sad it’s
Just another day
To them
But it’s the last day
For you and me

So I Stand here
So Hard to stay
I know you must go
Me Without you
Like the Sand without the sea
All I ever done is leave
This time it’s on Him.
Hope you’ll forgive me for the other times
Cause either way all I ever wanted to be
is set free


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