Just above the Fray

Nothing you can offer
Could change my heart
Something just above the Fray
Could ever settle the score

You can reason with your conscience
In the end
Reality wins

Don’t give in to the doubt
It’s just at the edge
Of what you thought
Was the beginning

You know and I know
That it’s a done deal

So don’t ask
Me to let go
Cause you know
It’s all show

You know and I know
That you gotta go with the flow

So take back anything you can’t stand behind
And let go of the falsehoods

You’ll get you beyond this,
and you’ll see you could do it on your own

I’m just the guide
Enjoying the ride
But you my love
Well it’s all about your life

And whether or not you know this by now, you’ll know by the time the last note is played

Don’t give in to the doubt
It’s just at the edge
Of what you thought
Was the beginning


reposted – Insanity on steroids [finn perkins 07.07.2006] (11.14.2009)

Insanity on steroids [finn perkins 7.07.2006]



fine true love

I’ve been moving along at the speed of light
stopping only for hope and water
looking for nothing
praying for something
send me a sign

I’ve been looking forward too long
and yet nothing seems to fit
that’s when I know every thing is wrong

so take a step back, hold on tight
never knowing if what you see is what you get
let me try and understand
that all you want is love
love is everywhere
so why has it taken you so long
to see

if it’s fine true love
it’s right in front of you with every word you speak
I’ve already heard them
with just one look from you
I already felt it

just let me in let me know
It’s so easy to say no
when your heart is saying yes.

if it’s a sad song you want, then stay sad,
if it’s fine true love
it’s already here.

In The Spirit

In the Spirit.

Set me free

the keys on this old box
haunting me with those old melodies of days long gone
Days hard lived

the words float in
Streaming through
This tired soul
Wonder if you’ll know where my old spirit will go
When the time
Hits you and it will
And with a stroke of a pen
It takes you back to me
Sitting beside you
It’s like you never left
Let those words guide you
And know I always missed you
When the sun went down

Sad it’s
Just another day
To them
But it’s the last day
For you and me

So I Stand here
So Hard to stay
I know you must go
Me Without you
Like the Sand without the sea
All I ever done is leave
This time it’s on Him.
Hope you’ll forgive me for the other times
Cause either way all I ever wanted to be
is set free

charismatic undertow

If I were to say
It out loud and I knew I’d get over it by night fall
I’d say it right now

If I could express it through the lens of a super 8, filled with Kodachrome
I’d let the camera roll it the sun came up.

If the reasons could out weigh the fear of the unknown
I’d take the leap of faith and leave it up to you to separate truth from fiction

To change my thinking would change my knowing that everything to now has brought me to this place before me,
a charismatic undertow

And no change in the weather could turn this heart around
From what it’s been feeling since the day this love was found

everything here is me

I could hold you to my heart
There are times when everything you do would drive me out of my mind
and Some days I’d daydream of love like this

It’s gonna be different
It’s gonna be new
It’s gonna be different
It’s gotta be all or nothing
Cause everything here is me
There’s nothing you haven’t seen

If you feel your on the run, keep running
If you feel it’s a bet you can’t pay, don’t make it
If your counting the reasons to stay, I’ve already found one reason to leave

Take it for what it is
Accept it for what it is to you
Know, not everything you choose
Is gonna hurt you
It’s the never trying
well that’ll hurt you more

It’s gonna be different
It’s gotta be all or nothing

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