Old Chequessett Neck Road


Summers of my youth were so kind, thanks to you. Sweet Barry, these words encompass the days at the house in the tree.

If there’s ever a moment when
You feel your heart fall
Could you ever describe
Would you really want too

Can you hold the last time at the Sea Shore.
Seeing you smile just below the lens.
Arms open to greet me like a Gerber pedals kissing the sun
Remember, I certainly do…
When you walked in
I didn’t have to look
fresh scent of a garden buds
Trimmed your ocean bleach mane

Once a year it hits me
In the center of my soul
One moment in time
Many moments daily takes me there
Old Chequessett Neck summers
I hear the click of the shutter
The buzz of a stop timer
And I’m back there
The porch
The port windows
The tree house
Now, they’re lovely summers
in my mind.


[For Barry – finnperkins 09.10.12]


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