7 days in Italy is far from a life time here.

You’re a world away from me
Like yesterday, like any day,
You’ll be three steps
father, and countless steps beyond Anything I’ve ever thought my heart could handle.

And somewhere between the yesterday and you
I thought I’d find the answer.

You’re not my one and only
you’re my yesterday
never my tomorrow

Your not my happy ever after
But your the one I’m after

If you want me to disappear
I’d say yes, I’ d try
But if you want
I’d tell
You no
Because you know
When it comes to me and you
Everything’s a yes

And yes I’m
Aware that I’m blessed by the moon n the stars
That I’m aware of you
And that as much as you’re my everything
You’re not my one and only
As I am not yours.

7 days in Italy is far from a life time
Between the sun and the moon


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