Another day to stay the same, unwavering, stand tall , never small in my eyes

Because we are who we are…
Jen foster This is Me

Really, Fox35 says they report REAL news, WOFL35 is drinking that damn cool-aid too I guess

Really, Fox35 says they report REAL news, based on how they are falling all over themselves to have to confirmation of the video, I wonder what dictionary or journalism school these folks graduated from.

At wht point will the local media stop (memorializing) using Casey Anthony as a lead story. I think Deputy Miller’s services and gathering Outside Post Time Lounge Cafe on 17-92. #deputyfuneral per @jackiefell would’ve been more local and reluctant to local viewers , but hey who am I to tell them anything, I only precluded from the bing that Casey would be found not guilty based on chaimproper charging documents



There are days
when I can see clear, far and everything fits in side this simple bag. When I question why the items on my list are not conforming to the items that you say equals bliss.

I realize how much I am everything but nothing that will save you from yourself, given everything you think you deserve.

I will leave you with the thought of what you think is enough to get you by, only to find out I’m the everything that your looking for.

Too bad you closed that door.

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