Unpredictable shine you have on me.

how can I miss u when your sitting right here beside me
As u hide from your beguiling way.

Are you willing let an unknown become the fear that takes you to the leaving place.

Will you make a choice to let yourself be loved. To live in the love you grow, and not in the love you’ve known.


Smiles for miles

I’m always chasing something, life, love and everything in between the waking and the sweet slumber of my young mind. Sometimes it’s nice the see a rainbow, no matter where it starts or ends… I smile for a long, long while.

It is what it is,

As our bodies rise together
our dreams may vary in our sleep
as we rise to to morning sun
some time between to first movement of the day we seem to share one dream between us

As the night on to us like a blanket
And the sea comes up to meet us
We stand here before thee

To speak of truth, of kindness of forgiveness. We stand to pray for guidance in our ever, never ending sojourn to greet each day together

As we dream, we find them becoming salted in principle and varied by nature.
As it is what it is, shared but individual, unquestionably unmistakable this effortless attrition to the levels of intimacy we have so far enjoyed becoming.

[-finnperkins 08.11.2011]

crossing against the light, its normal for me, why not you?

on one side
Tree lined avenues
Stop signs,
walk don’t walk
Everything, but what I need to know
Turns and curves, valleys
Give not a single clue

Could it be less encumbered
A little more assuring
This is not my first time
Like always, hoping
It’s my last time

Can the reasons
I hold on
knowing what I know
out weigh the reasons
If I asked
Would there be an answer

Stop stealing from Robin Maynard. The effort is futile.

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