Fiat Lux

Comes a time
Where the minutes
Are like little stars the shine
as bright as the hours
as long as the days,
all of Which I hold close in my heart
everything your are to me. strong as the trees,
fresh as a summer breeze
as warm as a baby first breath

This is everything that comes to mind,
everything my eyes can see,
all things my heart has dreamed

This is who I am,
this is how I see you,
in me,
all I can say
Is, I am everything I’m suppose to be.
Because I set you free.
Because you had faith in me.
…and I had all my faith in you.

I’m in love with you,
not the idea of you.

Fiat lux © 2006 finnperkins

Up-Posted Date © 2011 finnperkins

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