Bartleby’s Note

Hi everyone Bartleby here, Im having a blast hanging with Jackson

I am Mr. Bartleby “Emrick” Perkins Esq.,

I do need tending to 24/7, I am high maintenance, with low self-control.
I enjoy loud crashing noises, Cable wires and the off switch on power-strips. I eat everything including but not limited to cayenne pepper, popcorn, fast food onion rings and a dab or two of salsa dip.

I would make you happy once you have kitten proofed your home, by removing all it contents. I take pride in owning my short-comings, and my talents.   Please at least feed me before you toss me to the next foster home, as kitty purgatory does not have vending machines, nor do I have thumbs.  And last but not least, my previous owner has inclosed a list of property insurance companies as she think they maybe of use., along with funds to cover the first month’s premium to assist in a smooth transition. If you choose not to use the funds for intended purposes, please feel free to apply it to your next therapy session…

yours truly,
Mr. Bartleby “Emrick” Perkins


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