Cloud computing is for the BIRDs!

I agree. Cloud computing is for the BIRDs!, when leaving passwords and openID settings in PDAs, (dumb;smart-phones and laptops etc., the computing nation as a whole
has left the backdoor open on 97% o
f all computing devices.

The new windows phonperfect example of the “Perfect Storm”, in regards to social networking. In order to access at the mere touch, slide voice prompt, the login and passwords are in place.

I wouldn’t leave my backdoor open on my house, why would I leave (remote access settings), open and login on my computing and telecommunication devices.

Every blkberry RIM customer who uses, connects, sends and receives data via Canada. The divide is server specific and requires proxy and portal routing. Hence why most movement employees including but not limited to the president himself. Blkberry is the safes data transmitter/cellular device because proxy.

What have learned today?
“we may not all live in a barn, but not only leave light on…,we now leave a key in the door!”


lunar eclipse an winter solstice overlapping

Happy Winter Solstice 2010

updated 03:35 pm EST SW view.

“…would a ribbon have made a difference? maybe not.

I realize the economy is on the skids, and a lot of banks have close their doors.  I also know I’ve maintain a trust Acct. w/ SunTrust since June 1981 (SunBank NA),   ….and all I get is this as a token of their appreciation, from my Trust Acct Servicer is this damn lolly pop and a jicky note taped to it.. a ribbon would made a difference. maybe not, but it might have made this not the topic of today’s post.

Why don’t they keep the money (consider it a reward) , Just turn in the wallet and rest of the contents …ugh.

Just turn in the wallet and rest of the contents …ugh.

Brown Hide leather, with tab closure.

my lost wallet …ugh

[p.s. cash 100$ USD, it’s yours, just mail back my stuff to address on drivers license ]

…words are the only thing we have that separates us, even when we are standing in the same room.”

I love this song. the video is a bit corny,

“… words are the only thing we have that separates us, even when we are standing in the same room.” [fp 12.07.2010]

Bartleby’s Note

Hi everyone Bartleby here, Im having a blast hanging with Jackson

I am Mr. Bartleby “Emrick” Perkins Esq.,

I do need tending to 24/7, I am high maintenance, with low self-control.
I enjoy loud crashing noises, Cable wires and the off switch on power-strips. I eat everything including but not limited to cayenne pepper, popcorn, fast food onion rings and a dab or two of salsa dip.

I would make you happy once you have kitten proofed your home, by removing all it contents. I take pride in owning my short-comings, and my talents.   Please at least feed me before you toss me to the next foster home, as kitty purgatory does not have vending machines, nor do I have thumbs.  And last but not least, my previous owner has inclosed a list of property insurance companies as she think they maybe of use., along with funds to cover the first month’s premium to assist in a smooth transition. If you choose not to use the funds for intended purposes, please feel free to apply it to your next therapy session…

yours truly,
Mr. Bartleby “Emrick” Perkins

there’s no one I rather be than me, please listen and learn, acceptance is always the key,

this was a hit in 1991, offering words that say exactly what I think expresses how we feel today when confronted by gender and life-choices.

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