Choosing Jobs that fit you. Allowing You to be You, 24/7

living daily with yourself, accepting who you are makes choosing to work for a company in which hiding your life form your work environment should not be an option. Live, Breath and Work,as You, You only have a chance to be YOU, one time.

The video below is from, a short interview with Cathy Debuono.


Happy Thanksgiving… honest, Now that I have a place to have dinner, I really mean those words now


I really mean those words now

It’s Sad that we actually have a day for this….


National Survivors of Suicide Day






Anime [Mandy Moore It’s Gonna Be Love] – Anna & Yoh


Type – O , ready lets go!

when I walk among the crowded streets, I see Type, When I drive along the highway I notice Type, and when I see you, and you see me, we wonder “What’s your Type”…

Someday I’ll remember not to go this way

Orlando Florida circa 2008

All things Rabbit

All things Rabbit.

It can be all about you…

One place, List your clicks All about me (you).










This is a great site. Reserve your page id now, they will send you an email confirming your page name and then follow-up with and invite login Key/ email.  it does take some time for the site to gt back to you but I waited three weeks, but it’s worth it.

All things Rabbit

pour mes amis de Sesame Street

My Beetle w/ Ernie

Joyeux anniversaire à mes amis de Sesame Street

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